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Noyen Construction Ltd. – Celebrates 60 Years

Noyen Construction Ltd. – Celebrates 60 Years


From humble beginnings in 1964 with two men and a single excavator, Noyen Construction has evolved into a powerhouse, commanding a formidable fleet of over 100 heavy equipment units.

Today Noyen Construction proudly complete contracts exceeding $25 million within Alberta’s competitive civil construction sector, showcasing its unparalleled ability to tackle projects of any magnitude with unmatched precision and expertise.

“Charlie and Gerry founded the company,” says President Peter Noyen, as he recalls the early days when his father and grandfather put their vision into practice. “My grandfather had a sewer and water contract (alongside a partner) since 1947. In the late 1950s, that company disbanded and he started Noyen Construction with my dad, who had just graduated from university.”
Peter continues, “It was still a sewer and water company at that time, based out of Edmonton. They did that work until around 1958 through Crown Paving. In 1964 they incorporated as Noyen Construction.”

The company was growing fast and so was the province. In 1972 Noyen Construction moved its base of operations to Fort Saskatchewan, where a housing boom was in progress.

“Noyen Construction serviced the Pine View area until the late 1970s,” says Peter. “Then came the expansion into industrial markets. It was in 1977 that we started doing earthworks as well as sewer and waterworks. Today, we primarily do earthworks.”

Peter joined Noyen Construction in 1988 after graduating from the University of Alberta, but he had spent plenty of time beforehand getting to know the inner workings of the family business. Since the early 1980s, he spent summers on site and in the office learning the business and the trade. He joined as a project manager and succeeded his father as president in 2001. As a true family business, Peter enjoyed working alongside his wife Cathy, who helped with the company’s development, and his mother, Marlene, who was the accountant for the first 45 years of the business.

When he joined, things were on the downturn in Alberta and as with many other businesses, growth stalled.

“We had to scale down from the pace of the 1970s,” Peter admits. “The 1980s were tough.”

However, that downturn also presented an opportunity. With the expansion of Dow Hydrocarbon (DOWG), a cogeneration asset located at the Dow Chemical Plant in Fort Saskatchewan, Noyen Construction was able to break into industrial plant work. This opportunity continues today as Dow Chemicals evolves again, this time into the net zero market.

Things looked up for Noyen Construction once again with the contract to twin Highway 15 east of Fort Saskatchewan.

“Then along came the work at the expansion of Edmonton International Airport and the creation of Jet Set Parking,” Peter smiles. “We were also involved in the original footprint for the airport mall, and the grading of Blatchford.”

Additional high profile projects include twinning Highway 25, subdivision work in Sherwood Park and grading of the field in Spruce Grove where Edmonton Prospect Baseball Club will soon call home.

Among its many projects, all of which are appreciated by the company, Peter considers two to be pivotal.
The Redwater South Rail Yard Expansion, undertaken for the Pembina Pipeline Corporation’s Redwater Fractionation and Storage Facility, is recognized as the largest privately-owned rail yard expansion in the nation. This, multi-phased endeavor resulted in a 50 kilometre extension of the facility, significantly amplifying its product distribution capacity from 184 rail cars per day to an impressive peak of approximately 260. The scope of this project involved the laying of 50 kilometres of new rail grade, the movement of 1.35 million cubic metres of earth and the placement of 325,000 tons of sub-ballast aggregate. Additionally, the project included the installation of 11 kilometres of drainage systems, the construction of four new stormwater management facilities and comprehensive erosion control measures, among other critical infrastructure components.

In Edmonton, the Rampart Industrial Park project represented another significant Noyen Construction project. Spanning across 33 hectares, this industrial land development required the movement of 430,000 cubic meters of earth and encompassed a wide array of tasks from topsoil stripping to the meticulous preparation of subgrade, culminating in the seamless completion of site grading. Despite the hurdles posed by persistent rainfall, Noyen Construction’s team showcased its exceptional efficiency and resilience, completing this project within three months.

How does Noyen Construction continue to grow year over year no matter what is challenging the Alberta market?

“Our projects are always met with good equipment and even better people,” Peter says firmly. “The focus on safety is paramount and quality of work is in equal balance to what we put into safety. Production is the result of those two factors. By working safely and doing quality work, we get good production. Safe, efficient, earthworks. People hire us back because our work is always complete, and our people are key to our success.”

The people now number around 175, a massive difference from just two when the company launched.

While the Noyen name is instrumental to the foundation of the company, Peter prefers a different approach for today’s market.

“What allowed us to grow was taking the ‘Noyen’ out of Noyen Construction and expanding our thinking. This allows us to tackle more complex projects through the thinking of other people. Noyen represents our name but not the thinking of other people. The people we employ have advanced us and given us great ideas, contributing greatly to our growth.”

For Peter, the most rewarding aspect of his work is the interaction with people — both within the company and among clients.

“Working to meet clients’ needs and providing expertise is something I greatly enjoy,” Peter shares. This mutual exchange of trust and expertise has been a cornerstone of Noyen Construction’s business model as the company continues to enjoy relationships that have stood the test of time. “We absolutely, positively always get it done for them,” Peter continues, highlighting the company’s relentless drive to deliver on its promises.

One internal aspect of Noyen Construction is the significant growth opportunity it offers its employees. The company prides itself on training from within, giving individuals with limited experience but a strong work ethic the chance to develop their skills and progress in their careers.

“Some that have joined us right out of school have become superintendents; some go back to school for more training. We encourage that,” Peter says.

At the core of Noyen Construction’s values is a deep-rooted belief in giving back to the community. The company takes pride in its charitable endeavors, particularly its support for youth and sports, with the company sponsoring junior A and B hockey for boys and girls, as well as lacrosse. Recognizing youth as the future pillars of our country, Noyen Construction is happy to support the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Saskatchewan, including investing in a bus for the youth to get to activities and field trips.

He is humble about it, but Noyen Construction has been recognized widely by clients, peers and the industry. However, there is an award he doesn’t mind speaking about – the Pembina Partnership Safety Award earned in 2023. This award, Peter feels, is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the company’s employees and it reflects Noyen Construction’s unwavering commitment to safety and quality in all its projects.

The foundational growth of Noyen Construction over its 60 year history is also attributed to the many who worked in or alongside the enterprise. From Peter’s parents, grandfather, wife Cathy, mother Marlene, alongside the dedicated team and many clients, the company president says a deep and heartfelt “thank you.” A special nod goes to Ken Shemomichek, Noyen Construction’s longest-serving employee who has been with the company since 1977. Ken’s dedication and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in the company’s growth.

“His commitment to doing good quality work safely and efficiently allowed us to grow,” Peter explains, emphasizing Ken’s pivotal role in the company’s success story.

Looking ahead, Noyen Construction is gearing up for a bright future with plans for the fourth generation of the family, currently represented by Peter’s two sons, to take the helm. The company continues to focus on growth through its people, celebrating numerous successes thanks to the talented individuals it employs.

As the company grows and the succession plans take place, innovation remains at the forefront of the agenda, particularly through the use of GPS technology.

“We are a leader in GPS tech in the Edmonton area,” Peter is happy to share.

Noyen Construction exemplifies what it means to build not just structures but communities, opportunities and legacies. Through its dedication to charitable causes, recognition of valuable team members and forward-looking approach to technology and innovation, Noyen Construction is laying the foundations for a future where business and community growth go hand in hand.

Regardless of what the future holds, Peter promises, “We will get the job complete no matter the challenges.”

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