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Category: Agriculture

Technology, Agriculture and Research:

Alberta’s thriving agriculture and technology industries are often seen as separate, but in reality, they are quite entwined. Local technology companies along with innovative farmers are teaming up with Albertan

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First Cut is the Deepest

Like many in his profession, canola runs deep for Scott Keller. The prized crop takes up a quarter of Keller Farms near Camrose, Alta., sharing rotation with wheat, malt barley

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Below the Surface

Agriculture in Alberta is big business. In 2016, Alberta’s real gross domestic product for the agri-foods industry was the highest on record at $6.6 billion (a 7.8 per cent jump

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Growing Alberta

Alberta is known as an oil and gas province, but agriculture is a strong player in the economy too. While the overall economy fell 4 per cent in 2015 (following

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