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Category: Manufacturing

Edmonton’s Manufacturing Dynamic

When it comes to misleading and inaccurate cliches and stereotypes, the business of manufacturing is often underrated, underestimated and glossed over. Clichés and stereotypes be darned! The facts and figures

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Clear the Way!

Edmonton’s energy manufacturers are breathing a sigh of relief in 2022 with rebounding oil prices and pandemic-related inertia ending. Global demand and attractive prices for their products drives opportunity but

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Making Things Work

In July 2018, at the height of the Canada’s summer trade war with the United States over steel and aluminum tariffs, Statistics Canada quietly announced that Alberta’s manufacturing sector had

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A City of Heart and Hustle

If you took a walk downtown this past summer, you probably strolled past a number of metal fabrication projects that escaped your notice. You may have seen the impressive buildings

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