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Category: Construction

Edmonton’s LRT Boost

With a few lingering speedbumps in the plan, sideline LRT boosters and critics seem to agree – the momentum about Edmonton’s LRT is positive.    “The Valley Line West LRT

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Innovation is Transforming Construction

People change. Life and lifestyles change. Trends change. Consumer wants, needs, wish lists and creature comforts change. And construction – especially Edmonton’s residential construction – changes. While the basics still

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Edmonton Housing Start Jitters

All things considered, Edmonton has a positive housing market but, in some ways, it is also a quirky and conflicted housing market. Unlike other major markets like Vancouver, Toronto and

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Edmonton’s Condo Market

As in most major Canadian areas, the key segments of Edmonton’s real estate market – re-sales, new builds, condos and rentals – continue to be a roller coaster, with various

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The Positive Momentum of Edmonton Housing

While most Edmonton construction experts and insiders wouldn’t exactly call it a “boom,” they are optimistic about a resurgence, growth and positive momentum in housing construction.  Just as Edmonton’s capital

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Buy or Reno?

The well-worn stereotype that “a house is the biggest decision people ever make” may not be as true anymore. For many in the Edmonton region, with the spiked house prices,

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The Ultimate Edmonton Connection

It could be called the ultimate Edmonton connection! After nearly a decade of planning and hard work, billions of dollars and tens of thousand of jobs, the Valley Line Southeast

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Edmonton’s Infrastructure Momentum

Edmonton infrastructure construction is vital and a proven way to stimulate the economy. While the infrastructure sector was impacted by various pandemic-related speedbumps and disruptions, the direct impact was delays

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Edmonton’s Megaproject

It’s a done deal. Full steam ahead! Last July, after 18 months of technical evaluation and much public input and engagement, Edmonton “opted for the plan which best meets the

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