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Category: Event Planning & Catering

Professional Planners

Professional event management is more than smiling, subtly glancing at name badges and schmoozing. Like other interesting and exciting dealing-with-the-public careers, professional event management is a demanding skill and a

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Food, Networking and Good Times!

For conventions, conferences, associations and large groups, Edmonton is a big draw and where the action is happening. Since pandemic disruptions, Edmonton’s event and catering businesses have bounced back and

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Moving with the Times

There was a time when to hold a conference, wedding or any other event, the path forward was very clear. Contact the handful of hotels with event spaces in the

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Edmonton Events and Catering Rebounds

Few Edmonton business sectors were broadsided more blatantly by the past two-plus years of pandemic disruptions, social distancing restrictions and lockdowns than the virtually choked-off business of catering and event

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Behind the Stage

Corporate events are all about making a great impression and that impression starts the minute the doors open and guests walk into the room. While the keynote speakers and catering

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Serving Something for Everyone

Tourism is a growing industry in Edmonton, and like any other sector, it does not exist in a bubble. Having more international guests in our city is having an impact

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Professional Party People

Cakes suspended from the ceiling. Custom perfume stations. Impeccably costumed entertainers. It’s all in a day’s work for Edmonton’s event professionals. In an industry that relies heavily on referrals and

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More than Just a Meal

According to some of the best Edmonton event professionals, their service is all about providing a personalized experience. This isn’t always an easy task—catering to a growing, diverse city means

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