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Category: Tech

It All Starts with a Bright Idea

Serendipity is nice. It’s exciting, thrilling, almost romantic. It is also fluke and luck and it usually happens by accident. However, experience and the track record of success cautions that

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The Risk of Cyberattacks

Technology is a spectacular convenience, an infinite source of information and a social game changer. In business, technology is like breathing, blood flow, heartbeats and nerve endings. The critical fact

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Edmonton the Tech Hub

There is a sometimes subtle but seismic shift, not only in Edmonton business but also in the perception of Edmonton business. For a long time, Edmonton was energy services driven.

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The New Risk Management

It’s suddenly the hot topic and a threatening and scary fact of business life – the new risk management. Maddening, frustrating and, particularly for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), much

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Better Safe than Sorry

Due to the pandemic, opportunities opened up through remote work and digital collaboration tools look to be the future. It’s a transformation experts say was a decade ahead of its

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The Future of Business is Digital

Business technology creates solutions for companies of every size to better manage customers, clients, jobs, employees, and so much more. Within Alberta, there are several companies that have made it

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