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Category: Golf

Social Swing of Golf

Golf, a globally adored sport with over 60 million players worldwide, is more than just a game of clubs and balls. This sport, dating back to the 15th century, is

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Good News for Edmonton Golf

After two years of masks, lockdowns, social distancing, pandemic scrambling and a typically blustery and frigid Edmonton winter, Edmonton is over-ready fore pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing golf-2022! Locally, and throughout

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Teeing Up for the 2021 Golf Season

Between physical distancing and capacity limits, recreation opportunities have been tough to come by in the COVID-19 environment. While indoor recreation has struggled with closures and tight restrictions, outdoor recreation

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Golf Brings People Together

In the world of business, networking, partnerships, deal making and community service are key – and not all of those business building moves happen behind the closed conference room doors.

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How Golf is on the Upswing

In 2014, golf brought an estimated $2.88 billion dollars into Alberta. It was just as the price of oil was falling and, since then, the sport has not been exempt

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Golf – It’s Time Well Spent

In popular culture, golf is often depicted as a sport for wealthy retired men who spend the day hiding from their wives and discussing business in swanky clubs. They smoke

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More than Just a Game

According to the International Golf Federation, the history of golf goes way back to 100 BC, where Roman citizens played “paganica” using a bent stick to hit a stuffed leather

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To A Tee

If Edmonton has indeed outgrown its old moniker, City of Champions, it might want to consider City of Links as an alternative. While it may or may not be true

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