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Working Together to Drive Alberta Forward

Working Together to Drive Alberta Forward

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Truck-All Depot Ltd., a Canadian-owned corporation, has been a trusted name in the transportation industry since its incorporation on September 25, 1973. Founded by several of its present carriers, the company originated from Truckers Terminal and has since established itself as a leader in distribution and consolidation programs. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Truck-All offers a wide range of services, including single billing, rate guarantees, tracing P.O.D.s and efficient pick-up and delivery services. With an impressive daily average of over 1,000 shipments and over 100 loaded trailers leaving their yard, Truck-All plays a crucial role in serving customers throughout North America.

“When people ask me to summarize Truck-All, I describe it as an airport for trucks,” smiles Wally Corse, President, General Manager and major shareholder.
It’s a very apt description. Carriers from all over North America use Truck-All’s services, maneuvering comfortably on the location’s 15 acres of land and at the 110-door facility.

“We are one of the largest freight handling facilities in all of Canada,” Corse adds. “We provide pickup and delivery (P&D) services for our carriers and offer efficient freight consolidation for our shippers. Our fleet consists of pickup trucks with power tailgates, tractors with pup trailers, and 53-foot trailers. Clients trust Truck-All to deliver promptly and reliably.”

Another advantage carriers have with Truck-All is the app-based dispatch system. Drivers confirm shipments and pickups through the app, which updates dispatch on both sides. A confirmation email is sent once the freight is secured.

“Working with us means a reduced carbon footprint,” Corse continues. “Our carriers can interline their freight seamlessly and consolidate it in the warehouse.”

The company is known for its efficiency for clients, but those processes are used for community action too. During the Fort McMurray wildfires in 2016, Truck-All hauled many trailer loads of supplies from Alberta Health Services (AHS) for relief efforts. During the COVID pandemic, Truck-All once again hauled supplies for AHS, this time to assist those in remote/rural locations. Additionally, as part of its commitment to making a difference in the community, Truck-All supports the Canadian Cancer Society in its mission to fund ground-breaking research and provide support to individuals and families affected by cancer. Through donations and volunteering, Truck-All aims to contribute to the fight against cancer and help create a future where no Canadian has to face this disease alone.
For Corse, the success of Truck-All is not just in its growth and dominance in North America as a premier depot. He points out that the strength of the brand lies in the people that founded the company and the team that works hard to keep everything running smoothly daily.

“Our company was built by people with integrity, honesty and dedication. We do our best to live up to that every day in the hope of honouring their legacy. We would never have stayed in business for this long without the dedication and hard work of our employees:

• Keith Reich and his 48 years of service, along with his accounting and administrative staff

• Juanita Rolseth, 45 years, and her billing staff

• Paul Dinning, 29 years, and his warehouse staff

• George McKelive, 40 years, our warehouse foreman

• Ashley Sewell, 11 years, and her dispatch staff

• Dennis Ouellette, 12 years, our assistant manager and my right-hand man

“I also owe a lot to my dad, Walter Corse, co-founder and past President, for not only mentoring me but having patience and confidence in me. Further thanks goes to Steve Doblanko, co-founder, who managed the company alongside Walter for the first 20 years. Together they were instrumental in making Truck-All what is it today.”

Corse also thanks the other founders for their contributions, hard work and for being an instrumental part of shaping and growing Truck-All: Tony Basaraba, Henry Bursminski, Len Bruder, Steve Wowk, John Grant, Orval Hayes, Nick and Barry Hlewka, Edgar MacKay, Jack Martin, Fred and Tom O’Riordan, Larry Schultz, Erwen Siemens, Fred Spendiff, Ernest St. Jean and Clarence Tebbut.

“Most importantly,” Corse continues, “is the fact that our success greatly relies on our lease operators. Many are longstanding, such as Dennis Iverson, who have been with us since the mid 1970s and Doug Hubley, who joined a few years after that. They are our most valuable assets and the face of Truck-All Depot in regards to our valued customers within the city of Edmonton. They are definitely the stick that stirs the drink!”

Truck-All is more than an efficient facility. This is a company that contributes to the efficient operation of North America’s shipping and transportation sector while being a vital resource for the trucking industry. It provides employment opportunities and fosters a positive work culture, empowering its team with great working conditions, training, and avenues to give back to the community through Truck-All’s donations and volunteerism to local causes. Truck-All’s presence in the transportation network positively impacts safety, sustainability and economic growth in the province – and far beyond.

The “airport for trucks” may seem like a humble building sitting on acres of land on the west side of Edmonton, but when you look closer it is a bustling port of activity, a vital vein in the transportation system, a workplace many people proudly called “home,” and an Alberta-born success story for 50 years… and counting.

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