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PM Signs Celebrates 55 Years

PM Signs Celebrates 55 Years

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Since 1966 PM Signs has manufactured, installed, and retrofitted letters, pylons, interior and exterior commercial signs across Canada. Wayfinding, decals, branding on skyscrapers, neon, projecting – this company is responsible for some of the most iconic signage coast to coast. Recently PM Signs was awarded the full signage scope for the Premium Outlet Collection, which included the pylons, monuments, wayfinding, tenants, and directories.

“My grandfather, Poul, was an electrician and he started the electrical side of the company first,” says Cody Mathiesen, vice president. “We did all the electrical work for gas stations, which eventually translated into manufacturing their signage. From there we moved towards other markets and expanded nationwide. Now we are a third-generation family owned and operated company. We don’t just build signs, we offer full solutions from logo design to the finished installed product. Everything is manufactured in one of our facilities and we always encourage client collaboration.”

PM Signs prioritizes sourcing from local suppliers and testing all the implements before installation, guaranteeing a high-quality result every time.

“Every sign starts at the design department,” explains Mathiesen. “We help guide clients in the best design that will make their logo stand out as a finished product. With the concept phase we show them layouts of how their sign will look during the day, at night and even how the sign will be put together. There is a lot of collaboration with the design and fabrication teams so we can dial in the correct details and come up with cost savings for the client.

“After the design is approved, we finalize the price and go over all the payment options including financing and payment plans. Upon approval we move into the permit process, which is determined by each municipality, zoning or local bylaws. Once we receive an approved permit, we are clear to move the project into production.

“During this process the sign will be built in-house which involves cutting, welding, printing, painting, structural, lighting, and testing. When the sign is complete it is safely loaded onto a trailer and delivered to site. Depending on the sign type, the sign is installed into the ground, onto the building, inside an office or even applied to a window. Being that we do full turnkey for each project, we also handle the final electrical hookup. From start to end it’s a PM team project and everyone is involved from start to finish!”

PM Signs is agile, changing with the times as customers look for eco-friendly solutions or embrace trends.

Mathiesen adds, “Increasingly, our clients are looking for ways for their signage to stand out in the crowd, as well as environmentally friendly sign solutions. Think LED signs with a retro neon look, solar power to light up your sign, apps that integrate with your sign, digital elements, and more.”

What all started with a young couple who immigrated from Denmark with one truck is now, 55 years later, a thriving corporation with the largest sign vehicle fleet in Western Canada, an employer of more than 100 employees, and an establishment with four locations including one that has just opened in Regina.

“I attribute our growth to our team. We have some great people with innovative ideas and we try to tap into our staff as a resource and for inspiration wherever possible. I really value each individual’s contribution to keeping us moving forward,” says Mathiesen. “To the team and to our clients, I say a heartfelt thank you.”

PM Signs looks forward to continued growth in 2021 and beyond.

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