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Celebrating 115 Years


Norwood Foundry Limited is a 100 per cent Canadian owned metal casting specialist operating outside of Edmonton, Alberta. We have been in business for over 100 years and are proud to be one of the oldest foundries in the country. We manufacture products for many industries: construction, agriculture, forestry, and the oil and gas sectors, and pour quality custom castings as well. Norwood Foundry supplies municipalities with a variety of castings; keep an eye out for our logo on maybe a manhole cover or light post the next time you are on a walk in a city in Western Canada!

Since day one we have been committed to following the best and safest business practices, and this will always be a top priority for us. We take pride in our work and take pride in serving Canada. We first opened our doors for business in 1905 in the downtown Edmonton neighbourhood of Norwood. In 1974, we relocated all manufacturing and administration operations to the Nisku Business Park just outside of Edmonton. This plant has modern, state-of-the-art technology that has come a long way since the first days of operation.

Since the early days, Norwood Foundry has sponsored local sports teams and other local initiatives. We have and will continue to partner with the Cross Cancer Institute for special events, raising funds to support Canadians living with cancer and fighting for a cure. We are always interested in hearing about ways to get involved in our community. Norwood Foundry also has employment opportunities available for anyone, able or differently-abled, who wants to join our team.

The future of Canadian manufacturing lies in the hands of the younger generations. Norwood Foundry is grateful for the opportunities we have to work with the University of Alberta and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), educating students about the foundry business. We have been able to provide hands-on education in our plant about metallurgy (the study of metallic elements) and recycling programs targeted at reducing commercial ecological footprints.

Working with molten metals involves science, years of accumulated knowledge, and creativity. Producing a quality metal casting requires the use of pure ingredients held to the highest standards. At Norwood Foundry, we are able to recycle and reuse damaged and excess metal by melting it down and using it to make new castings. It does not matter where the scrap metal originally came from; we are able to extract and safely dispose of unwanted materials in the metal, so the finished product is pure and meets our customers’ standards of their individual castings. We use a mass spectrometer to ensure each pour is free from any unwanted elements or compounds. Quality control is extremely important to us and is something we will never compromise.

Norwood Foundry has been building Edmonton, Alberta and Canada in the literal and figurative sense for more than a century! We have employed thousands of Albertans over the years and are proud to be celebrating 115 years in business because of our great team and strong core values of quality and integrity. Norwood Foundry stands for buying and supporting local and holding ourselves to the highest standard.

At Norwood Foundry, we never cut corners. We never compromise on quality. When you want ethical ferrous or non-ferrous products that are made in Canada, you can always rely on Norwood Foundry. Thank you so much to all our customers who have supported us for all these years and to our team of staff who work hard to uphold our values every day.

Learn more at www.norwoodfoundry.com and find out more about our team by following Norwood Foundry on Facebook and LinkedIn.