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No Limits

No Limits

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Saul Christensen, Alex Baron, Nicole Bird, Kaylyn Walger and Trelly Shank.

AT Tech Custom Woodwork Inc. handcrafts exceptional cabinetry, stairways, doors, millwork and more. Each piece is backed by decades of executive home finishing experience to provide one-of-a-kind pieces not available in stores. AT Tech handles every aspect of the project from start to finish and has quietly amassed a loyal client following that includes some of the biggest home builders in Alberta. Yet, for Alex Baron, president and owner, it’s not about the enviable client list or the fact that their work has become highly sought after for its unique creation methods and outstanding quality. It’s about using traditional woodworking skills to provide each client with a finished piece that goes beyond their expectations.

“Trelly Shank and I opened AT Tech Custom Woodwork in 2006,” says Alex. “We wanted to carry on with custom building, not everyday mass produced millwork. We run a no holds barred, no limits, open-to-your imagination, custom woodshop. A true old fashioned woodshop.”

While some custom shops rely on technology to create new designs, the woodworkers at AT Tech start with pencil and paper sketches and end with using their hands, not computers, to craft each item.

“It’s all done the old fashioned way, the way I did it in my dad’s custom woodshop,” says Alex with pride. When we look for staff we have to make it clear that we are an old fashioned shop and anything we do here, we have to puzzle out with brain power.”

Being a traditional shop has set AT Tech apart. Within the first six months Alex and Trelly brought on a helper. The growth continued and now they have a team of designers, spray shop workers and a sales assistant. 

But it’s not just the projects driving the growth.

“I treat my customers like they are my friends,” says Alex. “I am honest and loyal. I treat them how I want to be treated. That is the service they get.”

In return, the clients are loyal too. During the first week of the pandemic, business slowed down even though AT Tech was deemed an essential service. That changed quickly. Alex explains, “Some clients made sure we were busy, ordering items just to keep us working. That’s the kind of clients we have. We are very blessed.”

Although AT Tech is focused on traditional woodwork, that doesn’t mean Alex and Trelly are not progressive. After catching the eye of, and acquiring the millwork for, RSVP Design Inc., the two brands are embarking on an exciting collaboration where AT Tech projects will be featured, for the first time, in a showroom.

RSVP Design works with architects, designers and builders to create outstanding, sustainable spaces for clients. Alex and Trelly couldn’t be happier about the partnership.

“People are surprised that we do our work out of a small 5,000 square foot shop,” smiles Alex. “It’s a small crew working long hours; real dedication. Now we have RSVP Design. This is a very different, very new step for us, but it is also very exciting. Nicole from RSVP Design helped us turn and revamp our vision. She is helping us get to the next step. We’ve done the small shop thing and look forward to growing.”

Alex and Trelly are also grateful to the many clients that have helped them grow over the years, and the customers that loved their custom woodwork items. “The folks at Glenora Lumber, they are good friends of ours and are wonderful to work with. And our clients – when they see the value of what they paid for their reaction is great. This is why I do this!”

AT Tech is proud to call Edmonton home.

“Edmonton is a big city but the construction industry here is small. It keeps the good people busy because word of good work travels fast. I encourage buyers to keep your money local. Support small business. Mom and pop shops like ours are help keep Edmonton going,” says Alex.

With the new venture with RSVP Designs and COVID restrictions eased, Alex and his team can’t wait for the next steps.

“We’ve never had a beautiful showroom to showcase our products before. This is new to us. We were just a little woodshop. It’s amazing to have someone like RSVP believe in us. We used to go to our clients and interact face-to-face. It is good to be getting back to that. We plan to grow – but not too fast! It’s important to keep things sustainable.”

Alex concludes with a message for future clients, “Trust me. Your project will be beautiful!” He laughs, then says, “We are pretty lucky. We get up every day to do what we love, and we have good support behind us.”

Showroom: 4552 – 99 Street Edmonton, AB T6E 5H5
Phone: 780.452.3753 | Email:

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