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Leading the Way

Leading the Way

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Grant Fedoruk.

Leading Edge Physiotherapy is a locally owned and operated clinic that is invested in the communities it serves. Cutting edge treatments like the Alter-G Zero Gravity Treadmill, a positive and upbeat atmosphere in every location and practitioners that are passionate about the care they provide make Leading Edge stand out in the industry.

Grant and Heidi Fedoruk, along with partner Anita Cassidy, opened Leading Edge in 2008.

“In 2008 we purchased a small clinic in St. Albert. It was 1,200 square feet and had five beds, two professional staff and two employees,” says Grant. “By 2010 we expanded to a 4,000 square foot clinic with the first private in-house aquatic therapy facility in Western Canada.”

The growth of Leading Edge did not slow down. In 2011 the Royal Glenora Club location opened, followed by Windermere in 2015 and the Capilano Rehab Centre acquisition in 2018.
“We have since opened two more locations in Edmonton, one in Sherwood Park, one in Spruce Grove and we will be in Leduc by the end of 2023. We acquired Tower Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine in Calgary this year and are opening a second location in Calgary in early 2024,” Grant adds. “This is on top of the two aquatic facilities developed early this year. Across all our locations and facilities, we now have 65 professional staff and more than 160 team members.”

Leading Edge offers a great variety of services that include everything from physiotherapy to radial shockwave, acupuncture and IMS to the zero-gravity treadmill that was originally designed for use on the International Space Station.

“We also have a TRV chair for the advanced treatment of vestibular disorders,” Grant adds. “This chair is a first in Canada and provides patients with difficult-to-manage dizziness an option when other treatments have had limited success. We offer an expansive occupational therapy services list including cognitive rehab, post-concussion care, functional capacity evaluations and orthotics and splinting.

“We offer a full suite paediatric rehabilitation service too at our Capilano site. This is a customized space, along with a physiotherapist and occupational therapist, fully dedicated to treating children of all ages. Down syndrome, autism, developmental disorders, aches, pains and injuries – we believe that children can thrive when provided the right environment.”
Leading Edge invests in advanced equipment and processes to treat patients and also holds a firm value of investing directly into the communities in which the clinics operate.

Grant explains, “We invest in technology and are proud to provide advanced rehabilitation options to patients so we can give them an opportunity to recover quickly and completely. This includes SwimEx therapy pools, Game Ready Med4 Elite swelling management technology, infrared vestibular goggles for the assessment and treatment of dizziness, Brain Enhance and Recovery System (BEARS) cognitive rehabilitation technology for patients with closed head injuries… the list continues to grow!

“On top of that we have we have raised and/or donated more than $1.8 million to community charities, sports teams and local causes over the past 15 years.

“Leading Edge is the founder and operator of RunWild. Last year we hosted more than 2,600 participants and raised more than $75,000. This event has helped to raise more than $792,000 for local charities to date.

“Giving is in the DNA of our business. In fact, we have an entire leadership team whose sole purpose is to identify where and how to best give back to the communities that have trusted us with their care.”

While Grant is passionate about making sure patients receive the best care in Leading Edge clinics, he is just as quick to point out the power of prevention and early intervention.

“Keep moving – and do everything in your power to!” he says. “I wish people knew the impact the right treatment can make on their lives and the enjoyment of it. I wish that they knew not to leave a problem for too long. Everyone knows that when the check engine light comes on in their car, they should deal with it quickly. Pain and discomfort in our body is our check engine light. The sooner a problem is addressed the more likely and completely it can be dealt with. The little problems add up over time. We are living longer and demanding more of our body for a longer period of time. Imagine if you only had one car for life; I am pretty certain you would maintain it properly, deal with concerns quickly, use the best fuel and get the best advice for keeping it running. Now treat your body like this and choose the right mechanic to help!”

For its outstanding customer and community service, Leading Edge has been recognized numerous times, including with several St. Albert Chamber of Commerce business awards, a Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce business of the year award and many Edmonton Journal Readers Choice top physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton awards. Both Heidi and Grant were selected for the Platinum Queen’s Jubilee Medal for the couple’s community impact.

“The one that is most touching is when I was recognized with a medal of distinction as a top 100 physiotherapist in Canada over the past 100 years by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association,” smiles Grant. “This award recognized 100 physiotherapists from across Canada who have moved the profession from 1920 to 2020.”

It’s all thanks, Grant says, to the people and community that support Leading Edge.

“I have the best business partners in the world. They are each an owner and they are dear friends. They work in and on the business, while being supportive and challenging me all at the same time. One of them also happens to be my wife. I continue to work closely with our team to develop future partners in our business. I have also been blessed to have had the opportunity to care for some of the top business minds in Edmonton. They may not know it, but as much as I have helped them heal and recover, they have all been mentors to me. I like to joke that I have received an ‘MBA’ the best way possible and from some of the smartest businesspeople around – and the cool thing is that I got my MBA while making people feel better.” He chuckles, “For the record, I don’t actually have an MBA, but I do have a pretty wicked business that’s making a difference in the world!”

What comes next for Leading Edge?

“We are resolved to keep bringing this model to the rest of Canada,” Grant concludes. “Our business doesn’t exist for the sake of itself – it truly is being built by a team of people who share values and purpose and ultimately want to make our communities strong and healthy. The cool part is that caring and compassion can be contagious, which gives us an opportunity to challenge the large corporate entities that are slowly taking over not just physiotherapy, but healthcare in Canada.”

Check out the Life Shouldn’t Hurt podcast series presented by Grant on Spotify, X, Google, YouTube and weekly on 630 CHED (4 p.m. on Sundays). You can also catch him doing the Feel Good Physio Moments on CFCW every Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m.

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