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Jadler Industries

Jadler Industries

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Back row – Kolton Dixon, Karl Halvorsen, Curtis Reynolds, Dakota Boyer and Gary Copeland. Front row – Levi Braithwaite, Ronan Harrington, Sherry Bonn, Nathan Pozyluzny, Vernon Victoor, Michelle deVries and Brad Smith. Photo by Riverwood Photography

After 40 years in business, it’s clear Jadler Industries holds the secrets of maintaining a successful company. The current ownership team took the reins in 2018 and has built on Jadler’s foundation to finetune the business and make it more resilient, more collaborative and even more successful.

John and Carol Sadler started the liquid process equipment company in 1981 and grew the business until 2003 when they sold to Greg and Katie Fisher. The Fishers expanded Jadler’s product lines and began to serve industries outside the food and beverage market such as oil and gas, agriculture, construction and water treatment. Jadler evolved from predominantly serving the food and beverage sector to providing quality process equipment whatever the liquid.

“They focused on equipment and instrumentation that could be used in any sort of liquid processing – any process that had liquid being pumped, measured or analyzed by sensors,” says Brad Smith, president of Jadler Industries.

For 15 years, the Fishers established a reputation for superior products and service, and they wanted to ensure that continued after they retired. Sherry Bonn and Levi Braithwaite, who had proven themselves as key experienced employees at Jadler, were interested in buying the owners out. They just needed another piece to complete the leadership triad and the Fishers’ son-in-law, Brad Smith, was the perfect addition. The result was a seamless ownership transition that created a collaborative team to carry Jadler into the future.
The entire team, from welders to sales professionals to administrative staff, works well together, is supportive and truly enjoys socializing during team building events. Jadler built responsibility overlap into processes so everyone knows what others have in the works and they can step in to help if necessary. It’s a positive environment and to protect it the management team continues to be selective about new hires. They want to ensure the candidate’s character aligns with the team focus and that they are up to the challenges of Jadler’s unique work.

No two days are the same. Through diversification, the company has again tapped opportunities in the food and beverage sector as well as varied projects in construction, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, water transfer and mining. On top of rebuilding systems, customizing solutions and installing products, Jadler is also exploring remote monitoring and wireless automation and control, helping clients capture data remotely without having to dispatch employees to far-off sites. It’s just part of the comprehensive service offerings that clients have come to expect from Jadler.

They also expect to reap the benefits of Jadler’s specialized knowledge, from TIG welding proficiency to an all-encompassing understanding of how a client’s facility works. The team prides itself on knowing its own extensive product lines and how they can be applied to a client’s facility so they can provide solutions and not merely take orders.
“We really try to understand what their application is because maybe they don’t really need what they think they do, or maybe it won’t work. We figure out exactly what’s going to work best so we’re selling them a solution moreso than just a product off the shelf,” says Levi Braithwaite, general manager at Jadler.

The team implements the best solutions for a project, often designing an integrated system that clients didn’t even know was possible, and they see the project through to the end to make sure it operates as promised.
“It’s not a fab shop pumping out widgets. We go right from the design stage to building and installing it, so we’re there from start to finish,” says Karl Halvorsen, shop manager.

And from start to finish, it’s relationships that fuel Jadler, whether that’s the long-time relationships with key suppliers like SPX Flow, Seametrics and Flowline, the collaborative relationship between staff, or the relationships with clients who know Jadler will exceed expectations on every project.

Afterall, client satisfaction is critical, and Jadler maintains these relationships long-term through quality products and incredible service during and after a project. The sales team has a full instrumentation cart in the shop and if there’s an issue they can video conference with a client and troubleshoot a problem on screen in real time. If that doesn’t resolve it, someone from the team visits the site and services the equipment there.

“We always go the extra mile. And it doesn’t matter the size of the project – we stand behind every product we sell and we treat each sale equally,” says Kolton Dixon, technical salesperson at Jadler.

Jadler welcomes small projects but has grown to the point where it can take on large projects too. The team maintains small-company service levels but boasts the capability and results of a much larger one. As a stocking distributor for about 15 exclusive product lines, Jadler operates as a big business by carrying about $1 million in inventory to ensure they can meet clients’ delivery demands to limit downtime. Jadler is always open to new products that complement its current lines to offer clients an incredible experience.

“As we are looking for new product lines or diving into new markets, we always look for product lines that work with our existing ones so we can customize a package and integrate it to make us a one-stop shop,” says Sherry Bonn, office manager at Jadler.

For 40 years, Jadler Industries has been that go-to one-stop shop for liquid processing for a wide range of clients across Western Canada, offering design, service, integration and installation. With a huge list of products and the ability to customize solutions, Jadler truly is a small company that delivers big.

Bay 106, 10615 48 Street SE
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TOLL FREE:1-800-524-9229 (AB, BC, SK only)

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