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Hino Central Provides Quality and Durability for More than 20 Years

Hino Central Provides Quality and Durability for More than 20 Years

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As part of the Toyota Group of Companies, Hino Motors Canada Ltd. exclusively distributes Hino trucks in Canada. The brand has more than 40 years of history in the nation, and opened an assembly plant in Ontario in 2006. Customers across Canada depend on Hino’s reliable, high-quality trucks that perform with superior fuel economy and eco-friendly engineering.

Hino Central Edmonton, under its parent company, DRIVING FORCE Inc., is celebrating more than 20 years in business. Hino Central also has locations in Calgary, Langley and Fort McMurray. Hino Central Edmonton is proud to showcase a variety of transport, utility, delivery and service trucks in a 16,500 square foot, modern dealership. The facility includes nine service bays, an expansive parts department, and plenty of parking.

“We specialize in more than new trucks, as we have a number of good preowned trucks that we recondition and offer,” says Greg Tilley, vice president, Hino operations. Tilley joined Hino Central in 1996 and was instrumental in establishing the dealership as one of the brand’s most successful locations in Canada.

“We sell high-quality, fuel efficient trucks and pride ourselves on the after-sales service we provide our customers,” Tilley continues. “The Hino truck is one the most technologically advanced truck in the marketplace. With Hino as part of the Toyota Group, the technology and engineering that goes into these trucks is all top notch. A lot of components come from Japan and the trucks are, for the most part, assembled in Woodstock, Ontario.”

Garry Pysyk, general sales manager, explains, “Our business is commercial trucks and we service a wide variety of vocations, including trucking/fleet companies, tow truck companies, furnace cleaners and many more. We sell class 4 to 7 trucks, with class 7 being our biggest seller.”

It’s more than the trucks, however, that play into Hino Central’s success.

“Quality, customer service and customer satisfaction,” Pysyk points out, “drives our decades-long success. We have earned the loyalty of the same customers year over year, in addition to attracting new ones to this high-quality brand.”

In an industry that is very competitive in the best of times, and that has had to deal with the economic downturn in recent years, Hino’s products, and commitment to its customers, continues to set them apart. “We like to believe that the recession never hit us,” laughs Pysyk. “To be honest, it has impacted us but not as much as many other companies out there, because of our quality products and outstanding customer service.”

In fact, Tilley admits, “Supply can be a challenge. Hino is number 1 in market share in Canada and there is a very high demand for this product.”

Hino introduced the conventional cab back in 2005,” says Pysyk. “We used to only sell cab-over trucks. When the conventional cab was introduced, that eliminated cab-overs from our brand in North America. The conventional cab had way more market share. In 2009, we reintroduced the cab-over for two years, then brought out a redesigned cab-over in 2012. We currently offer both conventional and cab-over models in North America.”

“We have a tandem axel coming out at the end of next year,” says Tilley. “This truck is going to expand the product range as far as applications for the truck. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) will increase, which will allow for larger loads and different configurations.”

Hino protects its customers with Hino Watch, a program that runs for the first three years of ownership and is not dependent, as many such program are, on the truck’s mileage. Hino drivers need only call a toll free number from anywhere in Canada to access roadside assistance to get towed to the nearest authorized Hino dealership. The program also helps drivers that are locked out of their truck, out of fuel, in need of a battery jumpstart, or require troubleshooting for minor issues.

“Our goal is to make assistance for our customers’ needs as easy as possible,” says Tilley. “We supply trucks, add decks, equipment, tailgates, pickers, etc. Then we provide maintenance and service for the life of the truck.”

Equally impressive are Hino’s warranty programs that deliver peace of mind along with “Total Support” and the signature Hino Premium Protection. Conventional and COE warranty packages are available and include preventative maintenance.

“We are in four different locations that are all interconnected so customers can service their trucks anywhere we operate,” says Tilley. “Our shops service all makes and models, specializing in Hino, and our technicians are factory trained.”

Hino Central is proud to have Trevor Robertson, the number one rated Hino technician in Canada, on their team. He earned this distinction earlier this year when Hino Central participated in a sales, parts and service skills competition during a national dealer meeting in Ontario.

Eric Smith, senior vice president, sales and customer support for Hino Canada, had this to say about the skills competition. “We really wanted to underline how important it is for our dealers and customers to understand that each and every individual in each department of our company is what makes the Hino experience so unique. We need everybody to pull in the same direction to ensure total support to our customers, whether it’s a matter of sales, parts, service or the three at the same time.

Parts teams competed in 15 different stations that covered all aspects of the Hino business, including video and warehousing, storage, factory specs, and one-on-one battle rounds with last year’s champion. Service teams had to correctly diagnose and identify malfunctions, and were judged on how they handled tools, accessed manuals and their ability to monitor and interpret relevant data.

The competition proves just how dedicated Hino Canada is to its brand, its dealerships and its people and Hino Central couldn’t be prouder to be part of such a never-ending commitment to quality and dependability at every level.

The team, from the sales floor, to the service bays and parts counter, work seamlessly together for the good of the company and its many customers, and maintains ongoing training in all aspects of their jobs to ensure peak performance.

“The most rewarding thing for me,” says Pysyk, “is the team. The people we work with come first and foremost. It’s a great place to work, which is why a lot of us have been here well over 10-15 years.”

Under the company’s DRIVING FORCE banner, Hino is also pleased to be a very recognizable and important supporter of community events and non-profit initiatives, and they are happy to give back to the cities that have supported and welcomed the brand for many years.

Hino Central also appreciates the role that DRIVING FORCE plays in the success of both the dealerships and the Hino brand. “They are not only our parent company, they are one of our biggest customers as well. Their large fleet of medium duty rental trucks is exclusively Hino product.” says Tilley.

Hino Central thanks all of it suppliers and associates for their support and looks forward to continuing to supply the region with some of the highest-quality, most durable and ecologically responsible trucks on the market.

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