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Good Things Come in All Sorts of Packages

Good Things Come in All Sorts of Packages

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Laminated Composite Plastic bag for Pet Food designed by Rite-Way including new hand drawn logo and icons. This bag became a template for the client’s complete line of pet food.

Rite-Way Packaging has been a part of Alberta’s growth for 25 years. Initially established to service the agriculture sector, the company has constantly evolved to meet the needs of the province’s diverse industries. Today Rite-Way’s products are used across North America and in every industry including food and beverage, chemical and hazardous goods, pet care, construction, medical and pharmaceutical, and more.

However, it’s not just about quality packaging. Rite-Way is also a one-stop shop where clients can have customized designs brought to life, and where owners and brothers Craig Rosenberg, general manager and James Rosenberg, business development manager, innovate and invest in sustainable packaging materials and equipment.
“Our slogan is Complete Packaging Solutions,” says James. We sell and distribute industrial packaging materials, bulk bags, bagging equipment, bottling machinery, pallet wrapping systems, case packing equipment…”

Craig smiles as he interjects, “Really, the sky is the limit. We offer a one-stop solution for packaging and equipment for any kind of bulk product. Lots of people have great ideas for their products but don’t know how to get them on the market. We consult with our clients from the idea’s conception to long after the product is on the shelf.”

The brothers joined the company shortly after it was purchased by their father, Ed Rosenberg. Ed’s 30+ years in the animal nutrition industry gave him invaluable insight into the needs of the agriculture sector when it came to packaging solutions. Craig and James, who had successful careers and international work experience, saw a chance to expand on the brand by branching out into other industries and refining the sustainability of the products. Together they took the already very successful brand to new heights.

“I wanted to provide clients with an educational and transparent resource in order to encourage the use of innovative technologies, materials, and packaging solutions, which can help to reduce cost, waste, environmental impact and risk, and to inevitably improve our client’s bottom lines. I believe that a well-informed client leads to retained and repeat business,” says James. “We strive to take the confusion, risk and headaches out of custom packaging procurement and provide assurances of quality, cost control and delivery to our clients.”

Just some of the many clients locally and abroad that have benefited from Rite-Way’s products and services include:

A mining company based in Kazakhstan where Rite-Way supplied and commissioned a duplex bagging scale system for producing 55 pound bags of sulphur.

Otter Co-op received a fully automatic robotic bag palletizing system and fully automatic pallet wrapping system.

Wetaskiwin Co-Op was supplied with a fully automated bagging scale system and bag closing (sewing) machinery.

Andrew Peller Ltd., a leader in Canada’s wine industry, received a customized ABC Model 101 pick and place case packer.

Arctic Chiller was supplied an ABC Model 108 low level bulk bottle depalletizer, as well as an ABC Model 72A fully automatic case palletizer.

Leading Brands, a producer of beverages (juice, sports drinks, etc.), received an ABC Model 300 case erector.

From the start Craig and James were intent on making their packaging and processes as sustainable as possible, and they continue to refine this value every day.

“Sustainable packaging is a buzzword, but we certainly don’t want to just use it to be part of a trend,” the brothers point out. “It is something we are concerned about in terms of the environment, our business, and how the packaging industry needs to evolve. We need to evolve with it or lead it. We do that by researching and sourcing new and innovative packing materials and equipment from leading suppliers in the industry and we take that approach through all of our business in terms of how we book our freight, find efficiencies, and minimize our impact.”

Sustainability, customization and a wide range of products and services (including sewing twines and tapes, stretch wrap, equipment parts and pallet cover sheets) for many industries are some of the reasons why Rite-Way has been successful for over 20 years, but there is another aspect that truly sets the company apart.

“We are easy to work with, approachable, and we strive to show appreciation to our clients and provide them with the best service possible,” says Craig of their customer service.

James agrees, “If you are going to go buy 30,000 industrial bags, you will have a different experience with Rite-Way. We go over the top with service and help clients get the best products for their price point. We offer flexible payment terms. We source from a large number of manufacturers from all over the world so that we can offer our clients reduced lead times, value for money, complimentary warehousing services, inventory control, along with an efficient ordering process and a personal touch.”

Both agree that while globalization and multi-national businesses have massive purchasing power and sometimes offer cheaper products, Rite-Way can remain confident in the ethical sourcing of its high-quality products and its mandate to never sacrifice value, quality and service. For this, and many other reasons, clients continue to choose Rite-Way.

Rite-Way has come a long way in 25 years and continues to evolve. With the new cannabis sector and quickly-growing craft beer market, not to mention the rise of local wine and farm-to-table fare in the food and beverage industry, Rite-Way has plans to include tamper-proof, single-serve, and other forward-thinking solutions.

James says, “We are poised for procuring and distributing flexible packaging and packaging equipment for the cannabis industry, with a focus on smarter, lower-cost, lower material use, and more sustainable child-proof bags that actually work. We have completely unique child-proof bags on hand currently for this purpose, the likes of which Canadian consumers have not yet seen.”

Rite-Way is also introducing more high-barrier bags for pet food and is strongly encouraging a shift towards the eco-friendlier and more recyclable mono-material or BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) /polywoven designs over composite plastic laminated bags.

BOPP film is strong, durable, water-resistant and provides a great alternative over paper-based bags that provide less protection for the contents and can be easily damaged, or the popular composite plastic laminated bags, which can be difficult to recycle. Rite-Way provides both BOPP and traditional multi-wall paper bags, using as many compostable and recyclable materials as possible in all of the options they offer.

Rite-Way is also planning their own line of compostable pet care bags, eating utensils, straws and paper-based, compostable shopping tote bags. The company is also pleased to join a pilot project that aims to recycle water bottles into FDA approved, fully recyclable bags.

If you thought the first 25 years of Rite-Way were exciting, just watch what they do next! In an increasingly globalized world where products are shipped daily locally and abroad, Rite-Way knows a big difference can be made through expertly designed and manufactured, sustainable, efficient packaging and equipment – and they plan to lead the way.

“We are very thankful to our father for purchasing the business in 2007 and sparking our interest in packaging solutions,” conclude Craig and James. “We also thank our many long-term clients in Western Canada, our support team (material and equipment manufacturers, freight providers like Steele’s Transfer, our accountants at Grant Thornton and our legal advisors at Becker Dalton and Wong) and we wouldn’t be here without the patronage and support of clients such as Wetaskiwin Co-op (aka County Junction Feeds), Otter Co-Op, Canada Malting Co., Real Solutions, Newly Weds Foods, Trouw Nutrition, and Arctic Chiller.”

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