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Wolfe Cadillac Drives Forward

The family-owned company embraces year 100 of business with a bold, new move.

Ashley Wolfe, president. Photo by Rebecca Lippiatt. Clothing by BLU’S.

With 99 very successful years as a dealership, Edmonton Motors has rebranded to Wolfe Cadillac and is Edmonton’s first exclusive Cadillac dealership.

The fourth-generation family owned and operated business has always been forward thinking and community minded. President Ashley Wolfe confirms, “We are always looking for ways to evolve and finally found the best way forward. We moved Edmonton Motors from its location in downtown Edmonton when the opportunity came up to buy Westgate Chevrolet in July of 2018. We amalgamated our Edmonton Motors Chevrolet division into Westgate Chevrolet and built a brand new standalone Cadillac store across the street from Westgate for our Cadillac Franchise. There are very few standalone Cadillac dealerships in Canada; we are honored to bring this privilege to Edmonton.”

She continues, “This move represents the evolution of the car buying experience. It is highly customer focused as opposed to sales focused, which is the opposite of the traditional car buying experience.”

That guest-focused experience is what continues to set Wolfe Cadillac apart. At the dealership, guests are greeted first by a porter that parks their car, then by a concierge that welcomes them and offers a range of beverages. Vehicles are brought to you so you can peruse them at your leisure and even test drive them overnight or for a weekend. Every action and option is transparent, and the quality of the experience doesn’t stop once the vehicle is purchased.

“Your vehicle is detailed every time it is in the service bay,” Ashley confirms. “We can also pick up your vehicle and drop off a Cadillac loaner so you can seamlessly get on with your day.”

Although Wolfe Cadillac only opened in April 2019, it finished first in the country for Escalade sales, and Ashley is excited to build on that momentum. Year-to-date, Wolfe Cadillac is firmly placed at number one for Cadillac retail sales in the country.

In efforts to compete with luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes, Cadillac needed to expand their vehicle portfolio and participate in segments, which in years past, they had not had representation.  In recent months Cadillac has launched three new lines, the XT6, the CT4 and CT5.  In additional to the new lineup of vehicles, Cadillac has also made some huge improvements on their staples.

“The big one for 2020 is a new redesigned version of the Escalade. It has a 30” wide screen display, which is the first of its kind, and Super Cruise is now available as a standard option.”

Ashley believes that the new 2021 Escalade is a game changer for Wolfe Cadillac.  Guests can expect to see the new lineup of Cadillacs in Wolfe’s showroom this year. 

Part of the transparency of Wolfe Cadillac is admitting to industry challenges, which Ashley is very upfront about.

“Standalone dealerships are still a new idea for General Motors, so this initiative is not yet fully supported by vehicle sales. Cadillac’s ultimate vision is to go head to head with other luxury brands and reclaim its place in the luxury market; we are working at it. We have seven segments and BMW has 10, for example. Our biggest challenge is putting the cart before the horse and waiting for the horse to catch up. It’s very exciting to be the first dealership of this type in Edmonton, but that does come with ongoing development.”

But the Wolfe family didn’t build an enduring brand for 99 years without being progressive, evolving, and engaging the community. In fact, it is this community engagement that Wolfe Cadillac focuses on instead of sales – a true departure from the mandate of most vehicle dealerships.

“It is very exciting that my brother Harrison and I are able to continue the family legacy in the Edmonton community, and that gives us the opportunity to be different and have a unique approach,” says Ashley.

“We have chosen a grassroots operational model in which we align ourselves with businesses that enable us to give back.  We want to be part of the community and be involved in making a difference in the city of Edmonton. When we link our brand with community partners, we are able to help many different organizations.  This is the type of branding that we want to be remembered by. I find that Edmonton is a loyal community with a priority to give back.”

Wolfe Cadillac is passionate about aligning with and supporting several organizations including the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House Charities Alberta, Valour Place Military Family Support House, the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, Fort Edmonton Park and Canadian Culinary Federation Edmonton Association, among many others. 

“We also run our own charitable events approximately every other week,” Ashley adds. “Giving back and being community minded is a big part of the fabric of what we do. Last year we were involved in raising more than $100,000 for charities.”

Everything Wolfe Cadillac does, from rebranding to community involvement, is based on what the dealership, and its predecessor Edmonton Motors, built its identity on: trust and integrity.

“We have a reputation for always doing the right things for our guests and our city,” Ashley says. “My great grandfather F.J. Wolfe lived by a statement that still runs true in the Wolfe family today: ‘It’s all about the people.’”

As Wolfe Cadillac moves forward on year two of the rebrand, Ashley has high praise for her team that were instrumental in the move and re-opening process, and she is very thankful for the continued support of General Motors. She also thanks the Wolfe family and the dealership’s many guests who continue to make the journey an exciting one.

“It’s time to get to going, to keep building momentum,” Ashley smiles. “We would like to achieve number one Cadillac dealer in Canada, but more importantly, we want to make sure we are involved in the causes we care about in Edmonton. We want to be known as Wolfe Cadillac, not just a great automotive dealer, but the company that cares about what you care about in the Edmonton area.”

“Wolfe Cadillac is very hands on,” she concludes. “Every department is involved in your luxury experience and there are no pushy sales processes. Each guest is greeted by a complete team that is well trained to service your needs and has excellent product knowledge. We have been given the incredible opportunity through General Motors’ vision to focus solely on the Cadillac brand and it is our mission and goal to ensure we continue to operate with honestly and integrity. There are no shortcuts.”

Learn more by visiting www.wolfecadillac.com online, @wolfecadillacedmonton on Facebook, and Wolfe Cadillac on Instagram and You Tube.