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Those One-of-a-Kind Cabins… and so Much More!

Knotty Pine Cabins continues to evolve in the custom build market

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Knotty Pine Cabins is a family owned and operated business that serves clients coast to coast. While known for their signature pine cabins, the brand offers a variety of services and products to suit everyone. From complete custom designs to stock plans, from shipping a home kit to doing the build, Knotty Pine Cabins does it all.

It all started 15 years ago when founder Andre Depelteau was building and selling sheds.

“My father always had the drive and talent to work with wood, and to build,” says Alana Comartin, Vice President. “He has always had that entrepreneurial spirit. All his life he thought about designing and building cabins. Then one day, in 2007, he sketched a little cabin and shed. He then proceeded to build it and used it as the company’s first advertising prototype.
That one step led to an explosion of growth.

“We soon moved the business from the garage to Riel Industrial Park in St. Albert,” says Comartin, “but we grew out of there in two years! From there we moved to 184 Street in Edmonton and after that, to our larger, current location. We’ve now been at 12720 126 Ave for the past eight years.”

The growth of Knotty Pine Cabins was driven by the high quality of the products and the focus on customer service, along with the ability of the family, whose members all got involved, to work as a cohesive team. With a firm base to operate from, Depelteau started expanding the product range.

Comartin explains, “He started with tiny cabins and sheds, but customers started asking for bigger homes and cottages and some wanted custom designs. So, we moved from two-season cabins into four-season cabins.”

With the four-season cabins on the market, customers clamored for more. That is when Knotty Pine Cabins expanded into custom designs, year-round homes and now, infill builds. While they remain known for their signature pine cabins, their homes, sheds, workshops and offices, made from pine or other building materials, are found in communities coast to coast – and into the U.S.

“We are proud of our evolution,” says Comartin. “We are a small, family-run business with a national and cross border impact. What sets us apart is that we can deliver whatever a customer wants, and they can have as much or as little involvement as they desire.

“Our customers can have their home custom designed from the ground up, or they can choose or customize one of our plans. From there we create a package and start the process, all working within their budget. We prefab in our shop and ship the package unassembled to the site. The client decides if they want to do the build on their own, hire a contractor for all or part of the build, or have us do the build to lock up. We can build to lock up in Western Canada and take on many styles of turn-key projects for clients in and around Edmonton.

“This allows those with construction knowledge to save money on the project, or DIY enthusiasts to do part of it but bring in electricians or plumbers, etc., for the rest – or to have it assembled by us or a contractor. For those wanting to do it themselves but lack the experience, we offer a step-by-step guide.”

She continues, “We pride ourselves on our customer service. If a client is building on a weekend or evening, we don’t want them to have to wait until Monday or the next business day when they have questions. There is a number they can call anytime.”

Comartin was finishing her university degree when her father launched the company, but she enjoyed working at Knotty Pine Cabins during the summers. Her boyfriend at the time (now husband) also worked for Depelteau during the summer months. Over the years the founder stepped back into semi-retirement and his brother, Chuck, who drove for the company, recently retired. The family business continues with Alana and Jeremy at the helm.
“It is truly a family business with family values,” smiles Comartin. “By working together, we all leverage our strengths. Before my husband and I started our family, we did all the office work from accounting to marketing to customer-facing service. My brother oversees the shop and all of the home shipments. My father is always on hand to provide direction and advice. That bond and deep level of involvement allows us to experience and work in every aspect of the company. It empowers us to now hire and fill some key roles as we continue to grow, as we understand who would be the best fit, and why, for the company and for the team.”

During the rapid growth, the family has never taken their eyes off their goals or overlooked what is the most important: the family bond, the growing team, the customer commitment and giving back to the community.

“Our team is a very big factor in our success,” praises Comartin. “They empower the company to grow sustainably while allowing all of us to find that elusive work/life balance. When you can trust and rely on your team – as we can – there is responsible growth.”

From a shed built in a garage to offering year-round homes coast to coast and across the border, Knotty Pine Cabins has truly evolved in just 15 short years. What comes next is building new showhomes and expanding into more markets and locations.

“We want to be the ones to call if someone wants a cabin in a rural location, a custom dream home, or a vacation home,” concludes Comartin. “We get to be a part of families’ memories and journeys as they work with us to create a place where they will spend a big part of their lives. Our repeat clients and growing business show our high level of service and product quality. We are excited for the next 15 years.

Learn more about Knotty Pine Cabins at knottypinecabins.ca, @KnottyPineCabins on Facebook and Twitter, @knotty_pine_cabins on Instagram and @knottypinecabin on Pinterest.

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