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The Craft and the Creativity

Taurus Woodwork celebrates 20 years of creating beautiful spaces

Photo by Ashley Hansen Photography.

Sleek lines, perfect edges, stunning custom architectural millwork, private wine rooms, dream closets, feature walls – there is one name to call for the company that does it all: Taurus Woodwork.

Taurus launched in 2002 when subcontractors Corry Wood and Hugh Simms found themselves winding up on the same projects together. With similar values and the ability to push and inspire each other’s ideas, they decided to team up and open their own company. Two years later Kevin Metcalf joined as a partner after completing an apprenticeship in cabinet making.

“We started out as on-site finishing carpenters only,” remembers Wood, “then we bought a shop in 2006 and expanded it in 2010.” 

With the shop expansion came the expansion of services. Now, Taurus provides a variety of woodworking services designed to customize spaces, increase form and function and add value to homes and businesses.

Metcalf says, “We are finishing carpenters with a very diverse set of services from basic door and trim installations to elaborate custom millwork and even custom furniture. We love the challenges custom woodwork can present and always strive for exceptional quality.” 

Whether it’s impeccably straight beams in a minimal style or a walk-in closet perfectly tailored for a fashionable homeowner, Taurus’ signature style – perfection – is evident in every square inch. 

Metcalf adds, “Our success has come from the ability to adapt to what the market is demanding, whether its finishing of multi-family projects or high rises, our specialty in high-end custom estate homes and everything in between.”

Clients rave about Taurus, from how the team is friendly, clean and courteous on site to Taurus’ ability to turn out incredible custom work on every project. While the ownership and each team member have fond memories of projects they excelled on, it is the corporate culture that also plays a big role in their overall success.

“We have many memorable moments; however, Taurus is built on having a family-minded view of our crew and we try to do things as a group often. Whether it’s a trip to the lake camping or an employee getting married, we all get together. All those events are important to us and strengthen us as team,” says Wood.

Collaboration among the team is important; Taurus extends that collaboration to their clients. Wood and Metcalf advise, “When building a new house try and have a clear vision of what you want the house to look like and how you want the home to feel. Architectural millwork can absolutely define those feelings. Maybe you want a towering walnut library or some rustic fir beams. Whatever you choose can change the way a home feels.” 

They continue, “We are granted a lot of opportunities to create beautiful and incredibly unique features in people’s homes. There is a great sense of pride from completing a difficult and challenging project never gets old. We approach all our jobs with the thought of it being someone’s dream home and we want to put a lot of attention to detail into our work to make that dream come true for the homeowner. In short, it’s a bit cliché… but every project means a lot to us.”

It’s not all smooth sailing. The current economic climate, product shortages and shipping delays have the prices of commodities like wood fluctuating almost weekly. Taurus rides out these changes using foundational business practices and clear client communication to overcome the obstacles; and they do it all as the local choice in the capital city. 

Metcalf confirms, “Despite the ongoing fluctuation in our oil and gas sector, it seems Edmonton has always had a market for custom estate homes and developments that allow for steady and consistent work.” In fact, a current project has the team working on a 20,000 square foot home. Metcalf adds, “This job has a lot of technical details that allow us to expand and grow our wealth of knowledge and progress within the industry as modern houses become more common. The minimal and simple details often require the most precision and planning to execute.”

Internet connected, large and airy homes are growing in popularity but so is the need for barrier-free homes for the differently abled or those that choose to age in place. Taurus is at the forefront of this as well. 

“We, along with many other trades and contractors, helped create a barrier free home for a family in need who could not afford the luxuries of elevators and custom designs required to meet the needs of raising children with disabilities,” says Wood.

Other charitable initiatives involve the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, KidSport, the Humboldt Broncos Memorial, the Canadian Diabetes Association and many more.

On behalf of the team, Metcalf and Wood say, “Thank you for the continued support and loyalty of our amazing builders. You have been instrumental in our success.”

Taurus Woodworks is proud to be an independent, local choice designing and making spaces beautiful one project at a time. The future of the company involves growth and never failing to push the limits of what can be accomplished with custom woodwork. 

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