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Strata Electrical Contracting Celebrates 10 Years

Photo by Rebecca Lippiatt.

With more than a decade of experience, a Consumers Choice Award on the mantle, a perfect five star rating on Google, and one-stop shop service, Strata Electrical Contracting is a leading electrical contractor and service provider in the city. Launched in 2010 by Anthony Pedatella, Master Electrician, and Janene Padatella, B.A. (Hons), the co-owners are thrilled with the trajectory of the company.

“We both bring a large skill set to the table. Anthony is a Master Electrician, natural businessman, and a great estimator and project manager. I have a degree in political science and a background in accounting, so I strategize and do the numbers. We both do what we are naturally good at and it suits us well. We founded Strata Electrical Contracting in an effort to do what we are both good at. We think it was meant to be,” says Janene. Our vision has always been to be an Edmonton electrical company able to meet the needs of the clients we serve. Our core personal values of excellence, responsiveness, accountability and growth are imbedded in the company. As the years have passed, we have learned a lot as small business owners and we remain excited about the work we do, the clients we serve, and the people we work with. We love what we do. When you call us for electrical, you are our priority and we want to serve you well because we care about our business and we are glad that you called and chose us.”

Strata Electrical provides restoration, property management, commercial, residential and emergency services. Anthony notes, “Our electricians are highly skilled. We have completed some difficult projects in the city and our service work can be quite challenging at times. We are known by the inspectors’ group for getting some very difficult restoration jobs, such as properties with damaged electrical wiring from fires or floods. We get those job done and done well. We like that because it makes us better each time, and it makes us feel good that we can help rebuild and put back together something that has been damaged.”

“We are responsive,” Janene shares of one of the many reasons why Strata Electrical is so successful. “When you need to get your electrical deficiencies repaired or your power restored or get your small or big project estimated or booked in, we strive to make the communication on it as efficient as possible. We answer when called or emailed, are there when we say we will be, and we bill same day of job completion.” She laughs, “You can always get a hold of Anthony. Anyone that works with us knows what that means and the value that it brings, and in the industries we serve, that means a lot.”

Apart from successful projects, happy clients and service awards, both Anthony and Janene feel rewarded by, “seeing how everybody working together doing what they are good at makes our clients call us back and allows us to continue to provide employment for everyone.” And, Janene adds, “Anthony and I both run the company and we love working together, so that’s been a blessing.”

They enjoy working in Edmonton, which they say feels like a small town.

“We were both born and raised in Edmonton and we love knowing the city so well, seeing it grow, and having our projects and service work take place in neighbourhoods throughout Edmonton,” say Anthony and Janene.

Part of living and working in the community is supporting it, something Strata Electrical is happy to do.

“There are two associations we are a part of: Edmonton Electrical Contractors Association and Edmonton Residential Landlord Association,” shares Janene. “We have also supported numerous charitable events throughout the years. We feel it is important to support organizations and causes related to the electrical industry and to our clients.”

While proud of their 2020 Consumer Choice Award and 100+ reviews that have given them a five-star rating, the recognition Janene and Anthony are both the proudest of is the appreciation from their team and their clients.

“Without our knowledgeable, dedicated and hardworking team we could not service the project managers and property managers in the restoration, property management, homeowners and retail industries that rely on us to be responsive and complete the work well. Our primary suppliers and partners make sure we have the materials and equipment necessary to do the job and the marketing and admin to make sure we get the opportunities and stay in business.”

Strata Electrical continues to meet each challenge and each success with professionalism and experience.

They both conclude, “During the pandemic we are hoping to strengthen our processes and procedures so that we can even better serve our existing clients. We have added additional team members who bring new strengths and we hope to incorporate them into our business. If we could tell our clients just one thing, it would be this: Thank You.”