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We’ve Got You Covered

Titan Flooring & Interior Design Celebrates 25 Years


Titan Flooring & Interior Design Ltd. serves the commercial, renovation, builder, property management, insurance and retail markets with a wide variety of quality coverings that include hardwood, carpet, custom tile, stone, laminate, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl and cork. 

“I can’t believe it’s been 25 years!” says Terry Moritz, founder and President. Time must fly when you are on the right path because he started the company when he was just 27 years old. Now, at this milestone anniversary, he reflects on the journey and the company’s growth.

“I grew up in the flooring industry working alongside my father,” says Moritz. “When he sold his business, I went to work for someone else but quickly realized I wanted to do my own thing.”

In 1996, Moritz started Titan Flooring in a 1,000 square foot upstairs showroom. Six months later his father, Peter, joined him. Father and son were happily working together again, and Peter remains a business partner today.

With their experience, customer service and product selection, it didn’t take long for customers to spread the word about Titan. Largely based on referrals, the company outgrew its starter space in under three years.

“When we moved into the building we operate out of today, we occupied about 4,000 square feet,” says Moritz. “We continued to expand and now we occupy over 20,000 square feet and have grown to a team of over 20 in the office, not including our installation teams in the field.”

The rapid growth was sustainable, but it wasn’t without challenges. Like many entrepreneurs, Moritz started his business while working an additional job. He split his days working in insurance restoration while growing Titan Flooring. He also started with two silent partners and what he calls “a minimal amount of cash.” 

“The silent partners put up the initial cash flow and within the first nine months it was all paid back,” Moritz notes. “All my partners over the years have brought a lot to the table and helped to guide the business; and I have learned a lot from them, especially my father.”

A willingness to learn, take risks, align with partners and mentors, and remain up-to-date on the product and service offerings are part of the reasons behind Titan Flooring’s success. Moritz also attributes the 25 years of business to how he and the team work with their customers.

“We are a very hands on, personable company run by family values. Our code of conduct is honesty, mutual respect, accountability, communication and being forthright with information. We work on this every day. We have a great work ethic and we pull together as a team.”

Trends come and go in the interior décor business, as seen on Pinterest and popular shows on HGTV. Titan strikes that tricky balance of maintaining the classics and bringing in the latest trends – but only if they will benefit the customer long-term. Titan offers what is durable, will remain fashionable, what will add value, what is functional, and most of all – what is best for families and the environment long-term.

“When we started all flooring stores would carry was carpet, linoleum and a little hardwood,” Moritz explains. “Now the product availability has grown exponentially, and the current buzzwords are luxury vinyl plank.”

Titan operations are lean and green. Moritz explains, “We are involved in all opportunities presently available for recycling (underpad, cardboard, etc.) in our industry. To help with the environmental impact we also have a large number of LEED products for commercial customers. Additionally, we donate our excess product to Habitat for Humanity.”

No matter if he and his team are doing a consultation to refresh a small space or are part of a larger construction project, what they love the most is seeing the smiles on customers’ faces when a project is complete. 

“Every day is memorable and our best memories are when we have a happy customer,” says Moritz. 

Those happy customers start their good first impression when they enter the showroom, which is bright, roomy, airy, comfortable and offers an incredible array of products. 

“Not only does the showroom contain every solution you could want or need for your flooring, it’s all arranged and organized beautifully, and is backed by a knowledgeable team ready to take your project from good to great,” says Moritz. “We ensure people understand what they are purchasing instead of just going for what looks pretty. When you come to Titan Flooring you deal with the same person from start to finish and they are very involved right to the end. We are hands on. Each customer knows what they are getting, and why it’s the best choice for the space and their long-term needs.”

Outside of the showroom you’ll find Titan Flooring very involved in the community supporting numerous charities. Pre-COVID Titan has hosted a charitable golf tournament and helps support research designed to conquer cancer, ALS, MS and other debilitating conditions. Titan is also a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity.

“We’ve used a food truck experience before as part of our customer appreciation events so we could be inclusive of everyone,” adds Moritz. “Historically some tournaments, like golf, typically just involve the owners or upper management along with select clients. In our work culture we want to say thank you to all parts of our customers and teams.”

With 25 years in, Moritz couldn’t be happier to be working alongside his father, with a great team, and providing Edmonton and surrounding residences and businesses with flooring, consultation, and installation. 

“I’m thankful to Peter and all my original partners,” says Moritz, “along with everyone I have met over the years. All have been instrumental in shaping our business. Most importantly, I thank our staff and crews. Without them we can’t do what we do. Every owner has a support network behind them – family – that helps us do what we do. Our families are important to what we do every day. I wouldn’t be where I am, or who I am, without them.”

What’s next for Titan Flooring?

“We will continue to strive to be better and stand out with our product offering and service levels. That is what has built our brand, mainly by referrals, from day one,” Moritz concludes. 

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