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Onsite Blast Celebrates a Strong Start and Sustained Growth

Darrin St. Pierre & Devin Formaniuk. Photo by Rebecca Lippiatt.

Onsite Blast combines technology, innovation and experience to help prevent equipment and asset corrosion in the commercial and industrial sectors. Services include abrasive blasting, coatings (including underground coatings), spray foam insulating, sealing and painting for industrial, energy and water service providers; commercial and infrastructure facilitates; and for concrete sidewalks, driveways, barriers and bridges. Services are offered throughout northern and western Canada. Work is guaranteed and coatings are third-party inspected.

The company was founded by Devin Formaniuk, CEO and Darrin St. Pierre, COO in 2017.

“We founded Onsite Blast after working at a competitor’s facility,” says Formaniuk. “We both felt there were better ways to operate and room for growth towards customer service, so we ventured out on our own.”

Formaniuk and St. Pierre’s vision was accurate; Onsite Blast landed its first major project just two months after incorporating.

“Since then we have been involved in multiple projects including coating services for the IPPL PDH project, YVR expansion, and DOW Chemical expansions. We are also involved in abrasive blasting all the concrete for ICE District including the logo outside the Ford Hall, as well as Jasper Avenue streetscapes. We are heavily involved in coating services for all major energy companies,” says Formaniuk. “We emphasize customer satisfaction as being extremely instrumental in our continued growth. We are easy to deal with and believe open communication is the best recipe for success. This, complimented with our outstanding safety record and high quality control processes, positions us to be a proven and trusted partner with our customers.”

It was this safety record and outstanding reputation of Onsite Blast that lead to the company being awarded a contract to provide coating services on the heaviest vessel to cross Alberta’s highways for the propane dehydrogenation (PDH) project.
Although the current pandemic and economic situation are challenging, Onsite Blast is pleased to sustain growth while giving back to the community. Formaniuk explains, “We started Onsite Blast in the middle of a recession on one acre of land and in two small Quonsets. Within three years we grew into a 30,000 square foot facility on three and a half acres. We have two blast and paint plants; both are 65’ x 200’. Our plants are equipped with overhead cranes, make up air units, fire suppressant and dust collection systems. Both plants have been inspected and approved for coating use by an engineer.

We are proud and humbled to have been able to grow the business and increase our service offerings while still in a recession, and now dealing with a global pandemic.”

He continues, “We are also proud of our extremely strong team who are able to lead themselves without any micromanaging, and of our safety record, which is currently at zero incidents. We have been carrying a zero incident rating since we opened in 2017.”

Formaniuk and St. Pierre are grateful to, “every person, company, and supplier that has supported us through this journey. They have all been instrumental in our success and we share this with them. We are only as strong as the customers and employees who believe in Onsite Blast.”

They look forward to continued growth and expansion into new markets, while developing additional service offerings.

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