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Celebrating 10 years

HIBCO Continues to be a Community Helping Other Communities

Photo by Rebecca Lippiatt.

Hibco Construction is a general contractor providing complete residential and commercial solutions including improvements, millwork, drywall, painting, construction and demolition. Hibco is best known for its work with restoration contracting on the rebuild portion of insurance claims and losses; for it’s community work; and for its outstanding design, builds and renovations of homes and businesses.

The company was founded in 2009 by local carpenter Hani Barzagar. With the aim to provide the highest standard of quality service and outstanding craftsmanship for clients, Barzagar used his backyard as a shop and to store his materials. It wasn’t long, however, until Hibco’s reputation and client list grew, enabling Barzagar to lease a shop in Edmonton’s south end.
Yet, a fast-growing business can pose its own challenges. With a long list of projects and limited funds, Barzagar had to take action. He called his brother Matti, who left Halifax to join Hibco.

“We then focused on finding like-minded individuals that shared our vision,” says Barzagar. Hibco also found a strategic niche.
“With a growing team, we were able to tackle larger disasters from flooded basements that needed to be repaired, to houses that needed to be rebuilt after fires. We found ourselves grateful to have the opportunity to not only do what we love, but also help restore order in people’s lives who needed it the most.”
He continues, “With vast experience in commercial and residential restoration we were able to team up with other restoration companies and help rebuild after major losses to businesses, government buildings and health care facilities. With the continued growth, a culture of support and assisting others in the construction industry, we began teaming up with other contractors on their projects in order to help their success and also help small businesses and entrepreneurs go to the next level by renovating or building out their spaces.”

In fact, Barzagar describes Hibco Construction as a community helping communities. It’s not the outstanding reviews on Google, Facebook and Glassdoor that Hibco counts as a measure of success. It’s the company’s ability to help and uplift people through their work, helping to rebuild their lives (such as after the Fort McMurray fire), and helping them reach their goals and dreams with functional residential or efficient workspaces.

With this community spirit, diverse team, passion, professionalism and drive, Hibco has gone from one contractor working out of his home to a robust, highly-rated success story with up to 250 staff during the busy construction season.

Each project has significant meaning to the Hibco team, including renovating the annex building at Edmonton’s Food Bank.

“This one was special because we were able to work alongside an organization that is dear to us, as our family relied on them growing up. We were able to renovate the building to house events and also provide other services to the community other than food,” says Barzagar.

Another memorable project was restoring the local Ronald McDonald house after a flood.

“This project brought us closer to an organization that truly goes over and beyond to accommodate families with sick children.”

On the residential side, Hibco will always remember rebuilding a house for a military family in rural Alberta that had lost everything.

Barzagar says, “We were able to rebuild the home and have it ready in time for them to celebrate Christmas together.”

He notes, “We are currently working on building a house for one of our supervisors. Randy has bought a property in an area that needs revitalization and wants to live in the area to support the community. We have also partnered with investors to develop affordable, creative, diverse housing in Edmonton’s mature neighborhoods, not only to make them more vibrant and meet more families’ needs, but also to help save taxpayers’ money by utilizing the existing infrastructure rather than constantly building new.

It’s not just on the job that Hibco engages in the community.
“We are supportive of many organizations that put people first and the dearest to us are the food bank for putting food on people’s plates, Ronald McDonald House for taking care of sick children, and BTB Soccer Academy for helping kids that cannot afford a way to play soccer.”

Barzagar and his team may be community builders, but they also find Edmonton’s business community to be very supportive and welcoming, noting,
“Edmonton is full of hard workers and striving businesses that will always stop to lend a hand and support one another.”

In 2017, on National Philanthropy Day, Hibco Construction’s stewardship was recognized by Edmonton’s Food Bank and in 2018, Hibco was awarded a Star Metro community choice award.
Hibco Construction has accomplished much in 10 years, and Barzagar and his team continue to look for ways to serve the community far into the future. From implementing technology for clients to remotely access progress reports to partnering with other organizations with a service-oriented mandate, you’ll find Hibco working around Alberta, improving lives, homes, businesses, and communities wherever they go.

“We’re excited about our new division building infills in the core communities of Edmonton to help evolving neighborhoods and improving social wellbeing,” says Barzagar.

He concludes, “I would like to thank the Hibco family for working so hard towards our clients’ success and our dear clients that put their trust in us. Ten years from when we started, we are a company made of friends and family focusing on projects that mean the most to the community.