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CBM Office Automation Celebrates 45 Years

CBM sets the pace for moving with the technological times

Glenn Mudryk, owner and CEO. Photo by Rebecca Lippiatt.

CBM Office Automation has been helping businesses of all sizes integrate print and IT solutions since the early 70s.

It started as a partnership between Marshal Mudryk and Jack Mitchell in 1974. The men had been working at Universal Typewriter but when the company went out of business, they joined forces to launch Custom Business Machines (CBM). They ran their new company from the basement of Marshal’s home along with Val Mudryk, who took care of the administration. Later the Mudryks bought Jack’s shares and ran the business as partners until 1988, when Al and Glenn Mudryk purchased the company. In 1990 Glenn became the sole owner and CEO of CBM Automation.

“We began helping companies communicate on paper by selling and maintaining typewriters, adding machines, bursters and decollators. Today we offer a full suite of services and printers that help with workflow, archiving, retrieval and administrative processes,” says Glenn. “Six years ago, we launched a full service IT division, adding digital communication to our list of expertise. In short, we help companies communicate both digitally and on paper.”

CBM has grown rapidly over the years.

“We are a people-first company,” Glenn explains. “It starts internally in how we treat our people and transfers to our clients. We are authentic, responsive, strategic, and knowledgeable and invested. We enjoy the strong relationships we have in the Edmonton community and are known for being easy to deal with and having complete accountability.”

Clients of CBM greatly appreciate the company’s unique approach to customer service, which starts with CBM asking a lot of questions so they can design customized solutions. This is one of the reasons why CBM has the largest share of business-to-business commercial office equipment in the city.

It’s a city Glenn is proud to call home.
“I love Edmonton! I love our seasons, I love our festivals, I love our businesses and almost all the people running them,” he laughs. “I support local business every way I can, spending my money in small stores and with any company with their head office here. I love our arts community and I will retire and die in this city.”

Retirement is a long way off, however, for the man that loves what he does.
“We have become the standard in copier and printer service for Edmonton,” he admits with a smile. “Our customers tell us our response and proactive service is faster and more precise than that of our competitors. We believe that the true paperless office is not that far away, so we must be able to lead our customers and partners to true digital solutions. CBM is one of a few companies in Canada that truly integrates print and IT under one company and direction.”

CBM is proud to give back to the community and supports the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, Hope Mission, Youth Empowerment Support Services (YESS), Santas Anonymous, various amateur sports teams, and many more.

“These are exciting times,” Glenn concludes. Technology is rapidly changing. We have reinvented ourselves several times in the last 45 years, from the disappearance of typewriters to fax machines. Now I can’t remember when I last sent a fax! I am excited for what the next generation and iteration of CBM can be.”

Learn more by visiting cbm.ab.ca online.