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Western Modular Homes celebrates 25 years of making a difference for homeowners and pioneering in the industry.


Sweeping staircases. Dream kitchens. Spacious mudrooms. Luxury ensuites. These are priority items for homeowners, and they can get all this and more within budget by choosing Western Modular Homes.

“Most people still think modular means the old definition of a mobile home,” says former owner Dwight Kuhn. “I love it when people say in our showhomes, ‘this isn’t a trailer! It’s a home!’”

Western Modular has built more than 900 custom homes and is now building for the second generation of some of its clients. Dwight and Cal Kuhn, the company’s founders, made the decision early on to challenge what a modular home could be. This included using better quality materials than most builders and engineering the modules to allow for things like open concept floor plans and large, complex, multi-module homes. Mike Machtans, project manager, and Rob Rogers, construction manager, and their team continue innovating in ways that make the brand stand out and provide an almost endless variety of luxurious styles, finishes, floor plans, and options.

“We don’t say no to custom requests,” says Rogers. “We try to help the customer figure out exactly what they want, then we build it for them. We don’t push products on customers. Our goal is to offer the best process to build a custom house. It’s a different process than you’d find anywhere else.”

“Building indoors has many advantages, especially in our unpredictable climate,” adds Machtans. “Keeping the building materials and our skilled trades dry and out of the rain, snow, mud, wind and cold allows for a better-quality product and a more predictable, faster schedule than a house built on site. This truly is the future of home building.”

Transparency is important to Western Modular. At any time during the build the homeowner can arrange to visit the home in progress, and they can bring friends and family along. “We encourage that because it allows the homeowners to feel involved and excited about their home as well as give feedback on changes as the home is built. We also offer detailed pricing. Each component is individually priced. You can add or subtract components to fit a budget,” says the management team.

After the fire in Fort McMurray, Western Modular completed the first home (on a basement) in the city. As a modular builder, the company was able to mobilize and complete homes faster than site builders in the area, and they delivered the first completed foundation home just four months after the blaze. Western Modular competed nearly 20 fully customized homes for Fort McMurray and area families, including a replica of one they had built for a client in 1993.

The company turns 25 this year and would like to thank the many clients, trades, contractors, vendors, and staff it has been privileged to work with in the past, and will continue to work with in the future. With many of these relationships already 10-15 years strong, with a few dating back the full 25 years, something must be working! Western Modular values these partnerships highly and recognizes them as a key to the company’s success.

Innovation and customization remain top of mind as the company strives to offer the best process to build a custom home, and continues to add additional services like foundations, on-site heating/plumbing, garages and decks to better serve its clients. To learn more, please visit westernmodular.com.