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Family Business Family Values Big Growth

ASK GLOBAL Corp. celebrates rapid growth and an expanding footprint

Back row (L to R:): Dhruvika Patel, Mazim Shaikh, Corallie Nelson, Paul Beaulieu, Ashilta Singh Krishna, Dennis Krishna, John Meyer, Pooja Sharma and Ronil Kumar. Front row (L to R): Ahaana Tashani Krishna, Shashi Devi, Arohi Thanvi Krishna and David Rakesh. Photo by Rebecca Lippiatt.

ASK GLOBAL Corp. is an Edmonton-based family owned and operated business providing complete distribution services of food and medical supplies. ASK does it all: picking, packing, storing and delivering products across Western Canada. In addition to hot shot delivery and delivery of produce, dairy, pharmaceuticals and fresh and frozen foods, ASK offers inventory management, warehouse storage and other solutions to a growing client base.

“My father started ASK GLOBAL in 2014,” says Dennis Krishna, Chief Operating Officer and business tycoon. “After working for a major linen company for 30 years, he was ready to branch out into entrepreneurship. He said, ‘I’m just going to start,’ and he did!”

ASK launched with the dream of one entrepreneur, one truck and the main services of distribution, logistics and warehousing. It didn’t take long for the brand to grow. Today, ASK is pleased to offer a wide variety of solutions with a fleet of 23 five-ton trucks, 17 trailers, 9 tractors and a team of 25.

“Our first warehouse was 3,500 square feet,” Krishna continues “Now we are at 16,500 square feet in Edmonton and 8,000 square feet in Calgary. During COVID we got even busier thanks to an increase in grocery store deliveries; and, since some businesses closed during the pandemic, we were able to pivot and use our resources to offer reaper services as well.”

Krishna is proud to report more than 1,000 per cent growth over the last year. He credits, in part, the customer service, which is a priority for the brand.

“Our service level is top notch. There are always delays and surprise issues in transportation, but our experience, solutions and communication are always there – and that is what the customer needs. That experience includes more than 45 years combined, just between me and my dad.”

He continues, “Until recently we didn’t advertise. ASK grew organically by word of mouth.”

It is precisely that growth that has ASK rising to an industry challenge: staffing.

Krishna admits, “We have growing pains due to growing so quickly. It can be hard to find team members and drivers. However, we continue to meet and overcome challenges while never losing sight of our family business’ culture or the family values we have instilled along the way.”

With warehouses in both Edmonton and Calgary, Krishna shares what he feels makes both cities special.

“Edmonton is a blue-collar city and I love the fact that Edmonton has that diversity and uniqueness with all the different cultures coming together as one. Edmonton has a lot of ethnicity and ethnic food groups. We deal with everything from south African foods to Philippines foods to East Indian, Chinese and more. It is so nice to see so many people want to bring their food culture from abroad to Edmonton and share it with others. Calgary has a lot of the same diversity and drive as Edmonton, but it is unique in that it is a major hub. A lot of goods go directly to Calgary and are disbursed from there.”

In both cities, ASK looks forward to continuing to grow a community presence by sponsoring minor sports teams and engaging with local charities.

Looking forward, “Krishna says, “ASK is headed to the global market in the near future. We recently opened a branch in Vancouver with plans to include a 3PL cross dock. We are transporting more pharmaceuticals and are moving into the pet food market. Once we are fully established in Vancouver, we plan to expand into the United States.”

On behalf of ASK, Krishna thanks the clients, especially those that have been with the company since day one. He further thanks the team, suppliers, vendors and supporters that facilitate ASK’s continued growth.

He concludes, “ASK GLOBAL will always be a family business with our family culture ingrained in all we do. Our level of customer service, our values and our ambition will take us though our short-term growth plan over the next five years, and then far into the future.”