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More than Bottled Water:

Arctic Chiller Innovates While Boosting Brands


Since 1996 Arctic Chiller has been a Canadian leader in providing both high-quality water and being a premier supplier of private label water, enabling brands to creatively boost their business.

Whether you are enjoying a bottle of Arctic Chiller water off the shelf or as a branded product, you can feel good about your choice. All bottles contain r-PET (recycled plastic) and can be returned to a bottle depot to keep them out of landfills. In addition to environmental responsibility, Arctic Chiller is community minded. The Partnership Program, alongside many of Arctic Chiller’s own charitable pursuits, empowers its clients to give back to charities of their choice with each bottle purchase. That’s not all. Recognizing the need for trusted products during the pandemic, Arctic Chiller added approved hand sanitizer to the product line in 2020, both under their brand and for private labels.
“Dave Hygaard, my father, had seen the emerging market for bottled water unfolding,” says Tom Hygaard, president. “After divesting of his interests in Hygaard Fine Foods he was determined to make a substantial investment in building a high speed bottling plant to cover the demands for western Canada and beyond. Working together with myself in the sales leadership position, we determinedly went out to earn market share, secure supply contracts and grow the business.”

Hygaard continues, “After taking a run at the retail market, we quickly determined the private label segment was underrepresented and we poured our focus on the co-branded side of the business. In 2001, we ceased our 18.9 litre jug business to focus solely on small pack/single serving bottled water. In 2008 we introduced the first biodegradable water bottle in Canada. In 2012 we introduced our Partnership Program. We have seen a lot of growth in our export segment and continue to sell our products globally; we’ve had success with China and the Middle East, and we are presently working on supply contracts in the UK, Western Europe, South Africa, Korea and Japan.”

Arctic Chiller never stops evolving and innovating. In 2020 they added Can Water and BLK Water to the lineup.
Hygaard explains, “Our Can Water is a perfect solution for consumers wanting to go with an alternative package to traditional bottled water. BLK Water is more than just eye-catching. BLK stands for Balance Love Kindness. It contains inky black fulvic volcanic minerals that lends the product it’s distinctive colour. The mineral solution provides alkaline pH and natural electrolytes that support your active healthy lifestyle.”

He continues, “Next year we are adding equipment so we can add carbonated water as well as increase the custom packaging options that we offer. We are also adding a mini bottle production line to handle 60 mL, 100 mL multi-fill applications.”

Arctic Chiller is pleased to have won awards as a best new bottling plant and for its diamond bottle design, while achieving NSF Certification, CBWA Excellence in Manufacturing, Kosher certification, and (soon) GFSI certification.

Hygaard is grateful to the company’s clients and team, including his spouse and executive administrator, Tara.

He concludes, “The constant growth over the years is evidence that our product is well received by the public and companies get good value from advertising on our bottles. With our main source of new business coming from client referrals, we know we’re doing things right.”

Arctic Chiller can handle any order, from one case of custom branded water to large export contracts for multiple container load shipments.

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