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Screen Savers Plus: A Local Brand with Loyal Customers


Launched by entrepreneurs and run by a group of innovative, passionate people, Screen Savers Plus services Alberta with the installation and repair of retractable screen doors, window screens, awnings, screen rooms, and motorized retractable screens.

“I was in university and looking for some way to fund my education and keep myself busy in the summer months,” says company founder Arthur Boutin. “My brother in law, Keaton Hatch, learned how to build and repair screens, and so we decided to make a go at it.

“Keaton had run the service with a few of his buddies the year prior, so we already had some ideas how to build and repair screens. His father had a cube van that Keaton converted into a mobile screen repair vehicle. We started by creating a whole bunch of road signs and did what we could to plaster them all over the city.  I remember the first screen I did took me an hour and a half to repair! Now this same repair takes me five minutes.  More and more people called and soon we were busy every day throughout the week.

“Customers started asking us about screen doors and we found a DIY product that we could sell to them. Once the stores we were purchasing the kits from couldn’t keep up to us, we made a deal with a manufacturer (Wizard Screens).”

Boutin continues, “Today, Screen Savers Plus has positioned itself as the truly local choice for all of your screen needs. We source all of our screen materials from Canadian suppliers, fabricate all of our products locally and can repair or replace any type of screen in the market. We are Edmonton’s only completely mobile screen door and window installation and repair service. We are friendly, efficient, and focused on the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

In 2016 Screen Savers Plus made another proactive move and entered a partnership with Three Knights investments, an Edmonton-based growth capital firm that is working diligently to prime the company for massive growth in years to come.

“Screen Savers Plus’ greatest challenge in the coming years will be managing the growth of the business,” admits Boutin. “As the brand becomes more established and new products enter the marketplace, Screen Savers will continue to adapt and find ways to continue offering the highest level of customer satisfaction. Currently, we have more than 40 five-star reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp; the only screen provider in Edmonton to achieve such a high ranking.”

Boutin is very grateful to Brent for donating the first company vehicle and for his support during the startup years. He is also very thankful for Bill Knight’s patronage, mentorship and for introducing him to Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

The company has big plans going forward. “Screen Savers Plus has devoted a considerable amount of time and energy to planning, preparing, and positioning the business for its biggest year yet in 2017. The team plans to take a multi-tiered approach to sales, develop a number of unique processes to keep us ahead of our competition, and offer a wider array of products to the marketplace. The team at Screen Savers is ready to take 2017 by storm.”

To its customers, Boutin says, “Thank you for choosing a local product. When you chose to work with the team at Screen Savers Plus, you are getting a Canadian manufactured, locally fabricated, and locally installed product with a lifetime warrantee. This directly stimulates our economy, and we thank you for making that choice.”