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E. H. Price Celebrates 70 Years of Innovating in the HVAC Industry

Venturi Valve Demonstration.

E. H. Price is a leader in its industry, providing commercial contractors and wholesalers with high-quality air, industrial and mechanical HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) equipment. Superior customer service has made E.H. Price the preferred choice among clients in Northern Alberta, Northern British Columbia, the Yukon, and the North West Territories.

The company was founded in Winnipeg, MB by Ernie Price on June 24, 1949, with his vision to form a sales agency for HVAC products. The first office outside of Winnipeg opened in Edmonton, AB in 1950 and was run by Gerry Law. The Edmonton office/warehouse was a mainstay on Yellowhead Trail for 50 years. In 2000 it relocated to a larger facility; continued growth necessitated another move in 2017 to its current location of 113, 13428 – 149 Street NW.
“E.H. Price has a long history of being a market leader and introducing many products to North America,” says Bruce Hansen, regional vice president of Northern Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory. “The strength of E.H. Price lies within its people and close ties with the mechanical engineering community. We pride ourselves in selling a fully engineered, lab tested, quality product.”
When Hansen joined as branch manager in 2003 the location had eight employees, including himself. Now there are 25.

“Our success comes from hiring hardworking, dedicated people that get the job done,” he explains. “We provide product training, software, competitive pricing and deliver quality products. We work closely with mechanical engineering firms, including those introducing new products to North America.”

Hansen continues, “Price, the parent company of E.H. Price, is committed to developing, engineering and manufacturing new and innovative products and solutions. E.H. Price has worked with third party partners that share our values and vision. When it comes to our customers, we treat each one as a valued partner that shares our goals.”

Another component of Price’s success comes from its dedicated world-class laboratory testing facilities in Winnipeg, MB.

“The testing labs are very unique to Price as few, if any, of our competitors come close to providing the depth of testing and data collection that goes into our comprehensive product catalogue,” Hansen explains.

There have been many highlights over the past seven decades, including opening a fire damper manufacturing shop in 2008 to provide safety dampers across Western Canada. Another highlight is the acquisition of Unisorb that took E.H. Price into the industrial market where the company soon became well known locally and abroad for its odor and corrosion control products. The biggest highlight in the past 70 years was the new location on 149 Street.

“At this location we worked closely with the architect, general contractor, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and building owner to incorporate many products we manufacturer and represent,” says Hansen. “These products include a RegenCore high efficient heat and energy recovery air handling system, chilled beams, radiant panels, displacement ventilation, high efficient fan coils, noise control, custom diffusers, Vari-Green high efficient fans, fume hood (Price Branded), stainless steel venting and a BigAss fan for the warehouse.”

There are challenges too, however. “Showing that quality, good engineering and laboratory testing have more value than just building a product inexpensively,” is one of such issue, admits Hansen, but for everyone at E.H. Price, the successes are always present, helping them face each challenge head on.

“We have grown considerably and that means we have supported a number of hardworking families,” smiles Hansen. “The growth from selling air distribution products for schools, hospitals and industrial sites to opening a mechanical division selling air handlers, energy recovery, chilled beams and more, and most recently boilers, chillers and cooling towers, is amazing. Plus, we now have our industrial division, which sells odour removal equipment for wastewater treatment plants, industrial sites in the oil and gas industry, and it has many other applications.”

In 2019 E.H. Price added service technicians to provide reliable, fast responses for clients needing their units serviced. That is not the only time you will see E.H. Price personnel in your local community. You will also find them supporting local charities and organizations. “Gerry and Barb Price are extremely generous with donations to universities and many charities,” Hansen adds.
E.H. Price could not be happier to be local to Alberta, and to Edmonton.

“Edmonton is a blue-collar community that cares deeply about social, economic, political and environmental issues and is full of honest, hardworking Canadians that care about their community and their country,” concludes Hansen. “Thank you for your commitment and support since 1950. You are our partners; we care about the health of your business and most importantly, the health of your families.”

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