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M&Z Industrial Supply Ltd. Celebrates 40 Years


M&Z Industrial Supply is the place to go when you need fasteners fast. They’ve been holding the mining, forestry, petrochemical and construction industry together for 40 years.

The company was founded in 1979 by John McShane and Phil Zaboroski. While McShane has since retired, Zaboroski remains with M&Z, answering the phones and inspiring the next generation of leadership with his work ethic and business acumen.

The company’s focus is on one thing and one thing alone: fasteners. That means, M&Z has honed their expertise over four decades and has the products and processes in place to get customers exactly what they need – fast.

“People are surprised by the size of our Edmonton warehouse and our range of products,” says Drew Schofield, vice president. He goes on to note that speed of service is one of the things that sets M&Z Industrial Supply apart from its competitors.
How is this speed accomplished? The M&Z Industrial Supply warehouse is 64,000 square feet. An expertly trained team of nearly 50 employees know the product and customers, enabling a quick turnaround time on orders. Stock levels and custom fastener orders are no problem, thanks to M&Z starting and continuing a partnership with Strathcona Manufacturing Inc. and its managing partner Brian Betts. If a part is not stocked, M&Z makes or finds it. With these people and processes in place, more than 95 per cent of orders ship in 24 hours or less.

M&Z Industrial Supply has always been resilient, as evidenced by an event that took place just eight years after the company opened: Black Friday (not the delightful shopping holiday. The tornado).

In 1987 a F4 tornado hit Edmonton, leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake. M&Z’s facility was one of the properties that was damaged. The tornado happened on a Friday. Business resumed on Tuesday.

From the start it was the organization, corporate culture, and processes that made the company a success and able to withstand everything that came its way, from the ups and downs of the Alberta economy to one of the province’s worst natural disasters.

M&Z is a promoter of Canadian manufactured products, even though it is an increasing challenge to compete against imported fasteners. Holding fast to the fact that products made here are done so with the understanding of our industry and climate, M&Z is pleased to offer a wide range of products that include heavy hex nuts and bolts, stainless steel studs, carbon steel bar, and much more. Zinc plated, cadmium plated, xylan coated and galvanized fasteners are among the 3,000,000 pounds of routinely stocked inventory. If its not on the shelf, M&Z’s nearby partner Strathcona Manufacturing uses its two CNC machines to quickly make or customize collar bolts, grayloc and tommy nuts, double end and step studs, 12-point flange screws and more. Each item, be it stock or custom, is carefully crafted and inspected to meet rigorous quality controls.

M&Z likes to say, “Our products make things strong. So do our people.”

Schofield notes, “We have given out a lot of 10 and 25-year service awards to our staff, which is incredibly rewarding.” He cites “our customers and staff” as integral components of the company’s 40 years of success.
The “people that make M&Z stronger” extends to the community. M&Z knows that strong communities are made up of not just industry, but the organizations that lift people up in their times of need. In support, M&Z gives back to many non-profit organizations, including Kids Kottage, Show Kids You Care, the Festival of Trees and The Salvation Army.

Edmonton, and Alberta are changing. The industries we relied on for our province’s prosperity are changing too. The field of energy ebbs and flows, and we are seeing important strides in healthcare and technology. One thing, however, will always remain the same. Alberta needs expertly made, reliable, fasteners – so M&Z will always keep holding the province together.

This year M&Z Industrial Supply introduces a new look and logo to celebrate 40 years, and to usher in a new era for the company built on the foundation of its past success. Stay tuned to www.mzind.com for more information, and to see the new website reveal.