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Ayre & Oxford Inc. The Legacy Continues

The real estate management company looks to the future while saying goodbye to a founding member


Ayre & Oxford Inc. offers property maintenance along with residential, condominium, and commercial property management; and services for homeowner associations and property developers. The company was founded by John Ayre 25 years ago. John passed on November 14, 2019, but not before seeing his dreams come true. He leaves behind a team and clients that remember him very fondly; a business partner and friend, Don Oxford, that built the company alongside him; and an enduring legacy in the city of Edmonton. While Ayre & Oxford Inc. will never be the same without John, the foundation John and Don gave the company provide it with a memorable past, and a future full of possibilities.

Like many of Edmonton’s most recognizable businesses, Ayre & Oxford Inc. started in a basement. Steady growth and business practices based in honesty and integrity quickly grew the company, resulting in a move to professional quarters in 1997.

Today, the company is managed by: Don Oxford, BCOMM, FRI, CLP, CPM, associate broker, vice president; Rose Evans, CPM, AMO, ARM, ACM, president, partner, broker;
Robyn Brown, CPM, ARM, vice president, partner, associate broker; Paul Jones, CPM, ACM vice president, partner, associate; and Marcy McMillan, controller, partner.

Ayre & Oxford Inc. employs more than 230 people and manages approximately 180 properties and associations in Alberta.
Rose and Robyn reflect on the company’s humble beginnings, its growth, and its future.

“Ayre Management Inc. changed to Ayre & Oxford Inc. when Don joined as a partner,” they explain. The company was started because it was work that John and Don knew and loved. It was decided that the name ‘Ayre’ would be listed ahead of ‘Oxford’ so the company would be at the top of the list in the Yellow Pages!”

It was soon clear that being easy to find in the Yellow Pages was just a small part of what made the young company so successful. With twin mottos of “the client is always right, whether or not they are right,” and “people are our best asset,” both clients and staff continue to enjoy the work culture and opportunities created by John and Don.
“Their vision remains our vision today,” say Rose and Robyn. “‘As a professional real estate management company, our vision is to continue to develop a profitable, professional and hands on real estate management organization, recognized by building owners and the real estate community as an innovative industry leader.’ At Ayre & Oxford Inc. we value our employees and strive to provide an environment that allows them to meet their goals and objectives within our corporate structure. We are extremely fortunate and proud to have such a dedicated team working together. Other factors that contribute to our success are our longevity, commitment, stability and professional training and education.”

They continue, “Our strong commitment to lifelong learning and training with industry educational organizations such as the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and The Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) has allowed us to draw from a uniquely focused talent base. Continuing education for ourselves and our team ensures that we are aware of the content that enables us to tailor internal training specific to our company values.”
Keeping ahead of trends in technology and automation is also a priority in providing world-class management services.

“CONDOCafé™ and RENT Café® portals integrate with our new Yardi Voyager property management systems to provide access to real-time financial information, document processing, ownership, tenancy details and more without compromising security,” Rose and Robyn explain of one of the latest technologies Ayre & Oxford Inc. has embraced. “It also provides convenient access to online ledgers, electronic fee payments, calendar reminders and additional forms and documents. Clients, vendors and customers can view, download and print real-time ledger activities, update contact information and submit and review online maintenance requests.”

Ayre & Oxford Inc.’s positive corporate culture has not gone unnoticed. Rose was humbled to accept a 2019 Business Leaders award, and she attributes this recognition to the efforts of the entire team. The company was thrilled to receive their 10th Consumers Choice award recognizing business excellence in property management services. Other honours include being named as the Management Company of the Year (2015) by the Edmonton Chapter of the Real Estate Institute of Canada, and a W.P.J. McCarthy Corporate Citizen of the Year Award.

On February 4th, 2014, Ayre & Oxford Inc. earned the Accredited Management Organization® (AMO®) accreditation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®).

Ayre & Oxford Inc. stands by the AMO® pledge to: “Advance professional real estate management through the mutual efforts of AMO® Firms of the Institute of Real Estate Management and by any other proper means available. To maintain the highest moral and ethical standards consistent with the objectives and higher purpose of the Institute. To comply with the principles and declarations of the Institute of Real Estate Management as set forth in its Bylaws, Statement of Policies, the AMO® Code of Professional Ethics and the IREM® Code of Professional Ethics.”

“Our team believes our company success and growth in the industry, especially in the recent downturn in the local economy, is directly related to our demonstrated best practices and ethics, strong commitment to education, volunteer involvement in industry related organizations, industry contributions and outstanding service,” conclude Rose and Robyn.

Ayre & Oxford Inc. gratefully recognizes and thanks the people and organizations that are instrumental in the success of the company.

“We continue to strive to be innovative industry leaders and look for new ways to be involved with our personnel, show our appreciation and offer training and support where needed to meet the everchanging needs of our current and future clients.”
On November 20, 2019, family, friends and colleagues gathered to celebrate the life of John Ayre in an event called John’s Happy Hour. The emcee started the proceedings with a quote that John himself was fond of saying: “Let it happen, captain.”

What followed was a true testament to the man that not only built an incredible company, but a man that had clearly touched, changed, and even saved many lives.

Before he passed, John had the opportunity to help plan his tribute, and his sense of humor was prevalent throughout. As his daughter noted, they did not, as he had requested, play Hello by Adele, as the lyrics hello from the other side were a bit “too soon.” John also asked that his tribute be short, but as his daughter noted, “that would be impossible. There are too many stories… and such little time.”

Those that came forward to share stories of his life gave insight into the man he was: a wonderful husband. A caring father. A devoted business partner. A trustworthy friend. It was said that when you spoke to John, even if you were a youth, he listened with his whole being, making you feel like you were the only person in his world during those moments. He was respectful, even if he disagreed with another’s opinion. At work he is remembered for going to each team member’s office every day to greet them individually with a “good morning” and a smile.

The room was packed with those that had come from near and far to share how John had worked with them, believed in them, was the ‘cool uncle’ to their children, and how he could always be counted on during thick or thin. He always came through, and he did so with grace.

Although many gathered to say goodbye to John Ayre, the light he put into the world continues to shine brightly. He leaves behind a warmth in the community that can never be extinguished. His legacy will continue.