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From Our Family to Yours

Paradise Carpets Celebrates 40 Years

Vail McColman, Megan Smyth and Laine McColman. Photo by Rebecca Lippiatt.

Paradise Carpets, a proud locally owned and operated family business, is pleased to offer an incredible selection of carpet, tile, hardwood and other sought after flooring options to the residential housing market, as well as the commercial and retail renovation space. In addition to an impressive showroom, Paradise Carpets offers in-house design consultation and a highly qualified team of sales and installation specialists along with a comprehensive after sales service team. Expert product knowledge combined with a wide range of experience in all types of flooring applications and friendly service make this south side destination a true customers’ oasis.

The company was founded 40 years ago by Ernie McColman who had built up over 10 years of experience working his way through the ’70s from the shipping dock to department store sales at Simpson Sears, eventually becoming VP of a renowned local carpet store. Always striving to be self sufficient and build something for his family and the next generation, his dream came to fruition as he and his wife established Paradise Carpets as a leading provider of flooring sales and service throughout the greater Edmonton area. After stepping away from the helm in 2012, his legacy has now been passed into the capable hands of his children Laine McColman, Vail McColman and Megan Smyth. 

“Our Dad founded the company in 1982 and along with our stepmom Marilyn, steadily built a solid reputation in the builder and retail market for 20 years,” explains Vail. “Dad was the engine and Marilyn was the steering wheel. Together they built a strong vehicle with a clear path for us to follow.” With the outward growth of the company ever expanding, it was time to start growing internally; what better place to recruit from than within your own family?”

Vail continues, “My sister joined the organization in 2001, myself a year later and my brother the year after that. Of course, there was never any guarantee it was going to work out as well as it has.” Megan came from hospitality, Laine had a strong retail sales background and Vail was in construction. “There are 14 years between us siblings so we each have different strengths and perspectives, which I think has really helped us grow into a solid unit,” adds Laine. “We even have some of the third generation dipping their toes in the water and considering this path as a tradition to carry on.”

Despite the transitions in the company over time, a few things have never changed: the commitment to customer service, the family values that infuse every interaction between the team and its clients and vendors, and the focus on providing an outstanding selection of products. From the fully stocked, high-end showroom, which is meticulously maintained and organized, to the after sales services that Paradise Carpets prides itself on, the love of the craft is evident in every step. 

While their wide array of products is sourced globally, a Canadian focus and foundation has been beneficial during the supply chain and transportation logistics problems caused by COVID since 2020. Shipping and sourcing continue to be challenging for the company, as they do for most small businesses, but thanks to strong supplier relationships locally and abroad there are still plenty of readily available flooring products on the Paradise Carpets sales floor. 

Megan says, “Part of Paradise Carpets’ success is due to the depth of experience in our company. Between the three of us we have nearly 70 years of combined experience – and that number obviously grows when you include our parents’ wealth of knowledge. We know and understand all the aspects of the business from the inside out.”

“We see customers through from the beginning to the end of their projects,” Laine confirms. “Each project becomes very personalised. We love to hear our clients’ feedback when they see the end results and are genuinely happy with what we have done.”

Over the years Paradise Carpets has built long-term relationships with several of the area’s most notable home builders including Cantiro Homes, Morrison Homes and Brookfield Residential among others. “The primary focus is on new construction. The support from our builders is incredible and we have several great renovation contractors that we have worked with for years as well as our faithful retail customers,” says Vail.

Laine, Vail and Megan are always happy to share their experience with those looking to elevate their spaces with beautiful flooring. They advise, “Vinyl plank is an extremely popular option right now. It is cost effective, durable and waterproof. Hardwood is still in demand but due to the lower maintenance required for vinyl, and the fact that the photo finish on vinyl plank looks surprisingly like real hardwood, the requests for vinyl products continue to grow. We are using it in a lot of renovation projects right now and in our work with new home builders.”

They continue, saying, “Laminate is also making a comeback as it is another very durable option and has recently, due to new technologies, become a waterproof choice as well. That said, many clients still love the classic look and durability of ceramic tile and of course there is nothing like a beautiful luxurious carpet underfoot. Carpet has always been a core part of our business and so we have stuck with that identity throughout the years.” 

After many years of fostering relationships with builder partners clients and vendors, while giving Edmonton and area residents a variety of flooring options for any need, the siblings have certainly not forgotten all of the elements that have contributed to their success. The solid foundation and work ethic that were passed on keep them eternally grounded and grateful. “From our parents, to our repeat customers, our trusted builder clients and our dedicated installation teams, we know that when we go to work every day there is a mountain of support behind us.” 

From the start, Paradise Carpets has been intent on giving back to the community in return for that support. Through the company Ernie and Marilyn contributed generously to causes like Habitat for Humanity, the Christmas Bureau, STARS Air Ambulance and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. The second generation of ownership is pleased to continue the tradition of giving back, adding the Mustard Seed to the list among others.

As the family reflect on the 40th anniversary, they think about aspects of the company that bring them joy. For Megan, it is the ability to work together so seamlessly. “We all have our strengths that play off of each other. As a family our core values are aligned. Of course, we don’t always agree on every little thing but there is always the love and respect that comes from a lifetime of knowing and understanding each other.”

Laine adds, “The one thing we can always agree on is how important it is to be attentive to our customers’ needs and focus on providing a positive experience and an outstanding result.” He really appreciates the customer service aspect and being able to present a finished product that the customer loves.

For Vail, a critical aspect is the contractors in the field that bring the projects from conception to reality. “We can’t say enough about our contractors, their dedication, and how they represent our brand on site. Our clients can be assured that our installation teams are extremely qualified, conscientious and are working safely to ensure the best possible result.”

“You can do all the sales you want, but without our crews in the field making it happen, you don’t move forward,” Laine agrees. 

Paradise Carpets stands on a rich history and sound foundation from it’s past and has an eye to continue evolving into the future. The ability to see and anticipate the coming trends and remain ahead of them is a vital aspect of staying current in today’s market. Changing and adapting to the latest trends is key.

With that in mind, one of the exciting developments at Paradise is the addition of Angela Marchese, who recently joined Paradise as an in-house design consultant. Angela, who was the principal/designer at Luxe Design Inc. in Edmonton, brings more than 14 years of hands-on experience to the role. In addition to elevating homes through outstanding interior design, Angela’s decorating advice has appeared in several publications including the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald. 

Laine, Vail and Megan conclude, “We want to say a heartfelt thanks to the many customers we have had the privilege to serve over the years and to our wonderful vendors, suppliers and contractors. We also can’t say enough about our parents Ernie and Marilyn for building something to be proud of and for trusting that they have left it in capable hands. Regardless of where this journey takes us, what will never change is our passionate commitment to our clients, our focus on providing quality products, installations and service and maintaining the spirit upon which this company was founded. From our family to yours… welcome to Paradise.

3651 – 99 St  Edmonton, AB  T6E 6K5
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