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Building the City’s Future Through Building Relationships

Tri-Tec Project Management Inc. Celebrates 15+ years

Steve Yakimovich. Photo by Rebecca Lippiatt.

Tri-Tec Project Management Inc. provides management, design/build, construction and tenant improvement services to ensure their clients can achieve their objectives on time and on budget.
The company was founded in 2004 by Rick Yakimovich, Gary Kallis, and Bruce Marr.

“The original founders worked for a local company doing work on the construction side,” says Steve Yakimovich, principal. “In 2004 they decided to start Tri-Tec since they knew a lot of potential clients in the downtown core. In the beginning Tri-Tec secured most of its work with Oxford Properties Group, and later diversified to work with school boards and other property groups.”

Yakimovich, an electrician by trade, joined the family business in 2012. At that time Marr was retiring. Yakimovich purchased his shares, which enabled him to enjoy working alongside his father. Kallis retired from the company in 2016.

“Working with dad was very special,” smiles Yakimovich. “We had an excellent rapport.”

He says of the company, “We are family owned and operated. We stand behind our work and our service. It really comes down to being there from start to finish. We understand that clients can feel some ambiguity about contractors, but we have never walked away from a project. We see it through from start to finish, from design to build. We come to the table focused on solutions. We pride ourselves on our communication and provide updates before the client asks.”
In addition to being client focused, Tri-Tec is equally dedicated to its trade partners and staff.

“We take our responsibility to work well with them and pay our trade partners quickly,” confirms Yakimovich. “For everyone we deal with, we aim to be approachable. This is important. My door is always open. The project manager and estimator come directly to me for quick decisions. Our site supervisors in the field pride themselves on quality. Whether it’s a $5M new build or a $10K upgrade to a home kitchen, each project gets the same high attention to detail. We stand behind our service. With a one year warranty, if someone calls on day 366, we are there. We don’t just do projects; Tri-Tec builds relationships.”

Tri-Tec has been pleased to work on a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional projects, including renovating the second floor of the Edmonton Construction Association (ECA) building, working on Commerce Place for the Government of Alberta, and giving a new look to Supreme Capital’s headquarters on the city’s west side.

“The Edmonton Construction Association job is very memorable for me,” Yakimovich says. “In addition to it being a complicated job with many moving parts and completing work safely and on time while keeping the building operational for ECA’s staff, a big part of the project was a 30+ year old table. You don’t get boardroom tables like that anymore! It was a huge, three piece, solid wood table that was original to the company. Part of the job was refinishing it to a modern look without losing any of the charm. We had to transport it, modify it, and return it. Now it will spend another 30 or more years there being part of history.”

Another vital part of Tri-Tec’s history is from one of its founders.

“My father passed in 2019,” says Yakimovich. “Losing him was a big blow to me personally and to the company. When we have a successful project or year, I look at his photo and I’m very happy to learn what I did from him. He is still here with me in one way but it’s hard that he’s not here physically. He was a very big part of the company and where we are today. I remember he always had a way about him that motivated people. He wouldn’t scream and yell. He was like everyone’s dad. What he created remains an important part of the company today.”

Tri-Tec is passionate about giving back to the Edmonton community by supporting local causes, and is equally adept at supporting the industry, even when it’s about supporting a competitor.
Yakimovich explains, “Recently we lost a bid and the difference was very close. I reached out to the competitor and congratulated them. It’s important to have a culture in which we are all doing our best. We are a community and we truly are all in this together.”

The Tri-Tec team is excited about the future. Yakimovich’s wife, Monique, and his brother in law, Jim, are already on board. His sister, Tracy, is joining the family business. His mother, June, who is a shareholder, is also vital to the operations as she cares for and provides mentorship and support to the team and family. Ann Stainthorp, office manager, who was with Tri-Tec since 2006 and was integral to the growth and development of the company. Stainthorp’s son, Dallas, has stepped in as well, making this a truly next generation company.

Yakimovich thanks his supportive family, clients, vendors, team, and trade partners for helping to enable the company’s success. He also thanks his outgoing office manager for her years of dedicated service.

Yakimovich concludes, “There are challenges, but we are just going to keep doing what we do. We stay positive, we stay safe, and we focus on building relationships.”