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A-1 Truss: Rising to the Occasion

A-1 Truss celebrates 30 years

Gagan Dhaliwal, CEO. Photo by Production World.

A-1 Truss has been designing, manufacturing and delivering custom building supplies in Alberta for the past 30 years. The company also engineers flooring systems (I-joist, open web, POSI-STRUT®), LSL tall walls and stairs. State-of-the-art automation, a team with decades of experience and outstanding leadership have ensured the success of this company for the past 30 years; and the best is yet to come. 

Gagan Dhaliwal, CEO, says, “A-1 Truss is a dedicated partner and an experienced provider of residential and commercial construction building supplies for all sizes of projects across Alberta and the Okanagan.”

He discusses the company’s origins, “My father, Mohan Dhaliwal, was a framing carpenter in the late 1980s and at that time, he envisioned the opportunity for a more efficient and automated process to build engineered trusses. In 1993, he incorporated and started the A-1 Truss production facility to supply the growing housing market with high quality service and products.

From opening day, A-1 Truss began building relationships and setting the foundation for the future through integrity, honesty, customer service and good old fashioned hard work. 

Dhaliwal continues, “In 2005 our family purchased equity from other stakeholders for greater control of our supply chain and increasing market share. In 2007 I joined the business full-time to support growing the company as we completed more projects and gained new partners. In 2008 we added to our product line to include engineered floor systems. We built a new facility in 2011 to enhance our manufacturing timelines and optimize costs. In 2017 we added construction stairs to our product line.”

When Dhaliwal became the CEO of the company, he expanded operations into offering their builder partners lumber packages along with the engineered products. This was to adapt to the ever-evolving industry’s demands and preferences.

In addition to innovative products and services, Dhaliwal credits consistent and exceptional customer service as one of the reasons behind A-1 Truss’ success.

“My father always taught me that our clients come first. Our relationships are of utmost priority to us and our team works 24-7 to ensure we stand out from the competition.”

He notes that the way they structured their facility and run their operations also empowers the organization’s success.

“There are plenty of healthy competitors in the building supply industry that offer similar products and services. Our agile size and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to price ourselves effectively in the market while our white-glove service takes care of the rest.”

Dhaliwal is honoured to help build the province, and beyond, with a local, family-owned and operated business.

“We are proud to be an Alberta-based and family-owned company,” he smiles. “We’ve had the ability to grow with our clients. It’s been such a remarkable experience to have supplied builder partners with their first truss and floor package and then seeing them years later building 200+ homes a year. As we’ve been expanding our business, we have started serving markets outside of Alberta including in Kelowna and the Okanagan. Additionally, being able to work side by side with my family to grow the company has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. I started working with my parents and grandparents and now I work alongside my wife. I am trying my best to encourage both of my children to join the business one day. Of course, they may have other plans!”

“I have always looked up to my father and grandfather for their hard work and passion for the industry. As a kid I used to follow my dad around and learn the daily logistics and in later years, I started by working in the manufacturing plant building trusses. My father wanted me to learn the roles and responsibilities from the ground up. He wanted to ensure that I understood all aspects of the business including manufacturing, design, sales, customer service and management to be successful. I started off as a labourer in the shop and over time, worked my way up through the organization, learning on the go.”

From its humble beginnings 30 years ago, A-1 Truss is now well known in the industry for providing building supplies built to custom specifications. No matter the type, size or style of roof truss, A-1 Truss can make and deliver it. This includes trusses for residential, commercial and industrial projects. The I-joists they supply for floor systems are known for exceptional performance and for resisting warps, twists, shrinkage and squeaking. The open web floor trusses are designed to be easily installed around other building elements, such as plumbing, electrical and HVAC. The open web floor is delivered as a customized product; no cutting has to take place on the job site. As no joist hangers are required either, project managers enjoy significant cost savings when using this product from A-1 Truss. Builders also love the lightweight POSI-STRUT® floor system that, once again, arrives precut and ready to quickly install. Having products like LSL tall wall studs provides cost savings and value, while A-1 Truss’ construction grade stairs allow for an expanded one-stop shop. 

A-1 Truss has completed numerous projects in Alberta and British Columbia and has collaborated with many industry partners locally, provincially and nationally.

“We supplied two large-scale custom commercial projects floor and roof trusses in 2022/2023 in Edmonton, and we have partnered with BarrierTek to provide our clients with fire resistant coating on both the engineered floor system and roof trusses to meet all standardized fire rating needs. We do this while exceeding client expectations and working together with industry partners in a co-ordinated effort for timely delivery and exceptional quality,” says Dhaliwal.

You’ll find A-1 Truss’ products across the city, but the team is just as prevalent in the community in other ways. They support a wide range of charities in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Just a few examples include ongoing support of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, Alberta Cancer Foundation, Edmonton’s Food Bank and several local amateur sports teams.

“The Edmonton business community, especially in our industry, is as big as the hearts of the people that live and work in it,” says Dhaliwal. “We have made tremendously important connections that have shaped and changed our company for the better. There are always supporters and competitors to keep you motivated and there’s always an opportunity to learn from others.”

To A-1 Truss’ many clients over the past three decades, he says, “Thank you for all your support and trust after all these years. We wouldn’t be where we are without you and we are grateful to grow alongside you.”

While A-1 is battling the supply shortage issue that many manufacturers have faced since COVID, the future looks bright as Dhaliwal and his team have a plan in place to address the current challenge. 

“To offer more options to our clients, we are expanding our product line once again and will have the ability to supply our clients with full lumber packages. Also, we are planning construction on a new 40,000 square foot manufacturing plant in 2023.”

Nothing can keep A-1 Truss from rising to the occasion. Learn more online and follow their growth, collaborations and projects by subscribing to their feeds on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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