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Superior Customer Service Has Always Been the Goal

Global Machine & Supply Inc. celebrates 25 years

Jeremie Corpuz and Jared Mouille. Photo by Rebecca Lippiatt.

Operating from a 15,000 square foot machine shop in Edmonton, Global Machine & Supply Inc. provides specialty manufacturing (spectacle blinds; blinds & spacers and bleed rings in carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloys) and custom machining. A range of horizontal and vertical manual lathes, computer numeric controlled (CNC) lathes, manual drill presses and CNC milling machines allows Global Machine & Supply to operate at top efficiency while providing a diverse range of products and services.

Rick Giacobbo and Rob Riopel founded the company in 1997.

“I opened Global Machine & Supply because I had identified an opportunity after working for a company that did similar work in the industry but wasn’t committed to the customers the way I felt they should have been,” says Giacobbo. “I was eventually relieved of my job with that company because of my philosophical business approach, so I turned that into an opportunity to start my own business and serve those customers and future customers with a different style.”

The risk paid off. After starting out in a 2,500-square-foot industrial bay with one employee and two used lathes, two major orders arrived by 1998 – within less than a year of the company opening for business. 

“We got a very large order for spectacle blinds and another large order for lap joint stub ends for Enbridge. That put us on the approved vendor list and ultimately allowed us to grow as a major player in supplying the many projects in Ft. McMurray and other parts of Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan,” says Giacobbo. “Those two orders allowed us to get listed on most, if not all of the major oil companies’ approved vendor lists, which gave us the opportunity to work with our customers to supply them with spectacle products for the major projects that were just coming on stream.”

From there, Global Machine & Supply grew rapidly. Contracts for the NOVA Chemicals’ Joffre project and then the Syncrude UE1 project quickly followed and the customers behind those projects (TransAm Piping Products Ltd. and Comco Pipe & Supply Company) are still part of Global’s success story today.

“Another part of our success, at that time, was the support of our biggest supplier, Edmonton Exchanger,” Giacobbo explains. “I didn’t have the cash flow to purchase the material to fill those early, large orders, but Henry Gusse, the president and owner of Edmonton Exchanger, extended me 60 days of credit and supplied me with all the material I needed. He believed in me, and he believed in the company. Without that support I don’t know how I would have come up with the cash to purchase the raw materials. It’s that kind of support by both sides, customers and suppliers, that played a big part in our success in the early years, and since.”

The faith customers and backers put into Global Machine & Supply was not misplaced. After just one year in business, the company had to expand into a neighbouring bay – then continued to take over bays and add equipment and staff as the orders kept rolling in.

In 2004, the company purchased and moved into its current 14,000 square foot facility.

Giacobbo is rightly proud of the space and the opportunities it brings to the company. “We were able to automate our manufacturing as well as expand on our product lines. We entered into an agreement to manufacture products for Victaulic Company of Canada ULC, a privately owned worldwide company that makes products for industries around the world. We are the only approved manufacturer of Victaulic’s in western Canada, and only one of two in Canada.”

In 2002 Rick Wright became Giacobbo’s business partner, and together they continued to grow the company. While Giacobbo puts high praise on his past and present business partners for making the company what it is today, he gives equally high praise to the employees and clients.

“A big part of our success came by building personal relationships with our large customer base, manufacturing quality products and supplying them at competitive prices with on-time delivery and having the support of our many suppliers. However, that all starts and ends with our employees and the culture we have built in the company. 

Both the commitment and the culture come with good leadership, and that’s not only from the very top. I’ve always tried to surround myself with good, smart, hardworking, trustworthy and loyal people. Paying them competitively, treating them like family, listening to their concerns and offering solutions are part of growing a good company with everyone pulling the same way; and that’s what we’ve tried to accomplish with Global Machine. We have a loyal staff with a lot of long-term employees.”

As a visionary, Giacobbo positioned the company early on to be diverse enough to withstand the ups and downs of Alberta’s energy industry. 

He says, “The lack of pipelines may be a threat going forward, however the demand for oil and gas is not going to decrease in the near or long-term, so I feel that Global can continue to be a viable company for many years to come based on those facts, as well as future opportunities in alternative energy, hydrogen energy and carbon capture.”

Speaking to the diversity, he continues, “Many people don’t realize that Global Machine takes raw materials in many different forms: round bar, flat plate, forgings, etc., and machines them into finished products that allow them to live the lifestyle they live. That includes heating their homes, driving their vehicles, playing sports, wearables and many other parts of their everyday routine. We are an essential service in Edmonton, Alberta and Canada and literally around the world to anywhere oil and gas is exported.” 

Global Machine & Supply has always given back to the community. This is a very important value for Giacobbo.

“I grew up in a small town and I benefitted from private enterprises supporting their community, so I have always tried to do the same,” he confirms.  

In this spirit, the company supports the Alzheimer’s Society, Adopt-A-Teen and local youth sports.

“We’ve been part of start-up programs for a variety of sports in urban and rural Alberta, along with sponsoring a number of sports teams and leagues. We are also very involved with the sport of curling in Alberta. We believe that sports are a very good place for kids to learn to be team players, as well as to develop the skills to be a better athlete and person.”

On July 1, 2021 Global Machine achieved a new milestone, the sale of the company to Giacobbo’s nephew Jared Mouille, and to Jeremie Corpuz, the son of one of his original long-term employees. 

“Both have been with the company for a lot of years and they have earned that opportunity. I know they will take Global Machine to bigger and better things in the future and will hopefully be able to pass it on to the next generation years from now,” says Giacobbo.


Mouille, President says, “Both Jeremie, [Vice President] and I believe in the culture of Global and the way the company truly is a family. We look forward to continuing growing Global with the same integrity and passion that was instilled in the brand by its founders.”

Giacobbo, Mouille, Corpuz and Wright conclude with a message to Global Machine’s clients: “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your needs on a day-to-day basis, and for staying loyal to us and allowing us to be your business allies for all these years.”

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