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Action Transportation Group Delivers Personalized Service

Action Transportation Group Celebrates 30 Years

Michael V. Mayorchak, Carol Cooper, Justin Cooper, Tyler Cooper and Chris Cooper. Photos by Rebecca Lippiatt.

Action Transportation Group is comprised of Action Express & Hotshot, Action Trucking and Action Pilot Car Service. The company started with five drivers and trucks in 1993. Today it is a third generation family business servicing Western Canada and the Fort McMurray oilsands. This year the company is pleased to celebrate 30 years of business. Michael V. Mayorchak, president, and Carol A. Cooper, treasurer, share the story of this incredible journey.

Mayorchak starts by saying, “John Wills, Carol’s brother, always dreamed of owing a business where there was more personal interaction with clients. He had experience in the transportation business but found most of the dealings to be distant and impersonal. Wills’ intuition was correct. His style of relationship building under the Action Transportation model saw many client relationships develop into friendships over the years.”

Known for this higher level of personalized service, Action grew quickly. Within a year Mayorchak joined the company and Cooper followed in 1995, making it a true family business.

“When it all started,” Mayorchak continues, “it was a very small company. We only had five trucks and provided primarily local courier service in and around Edmonton. We were limited to small packages and deliveries.”

That would change in 2009 when Mayorchak and Cooper purchased the business.
“We wanted to take the company in a different direction,” Cooper smiles. “So, we set a new course and brought on staff to grow our brand. One of the things we had always kept, however, was our very long-term employees. Our expansion into trucking and other services allowed flexibility and growth for our team while creating new jobs in a stable, long-term environment.”

Those employees include Mayorchak and Cooper’s sons. The boys grew up alongside the family business. When they were young, they would tag along with the truck drivers, helping out where they could. As they entered working age, they started as swampers. From there the boys organically worked their way up into management positions.

In 2012 Action Transportation Group achieved a major milestone by purchasing and developing land in Nisku.

“We moved from Edmonton to 5.5 acres of raw land in Nisku,” explains Mayorchak. We developed it and built our buildings on it. That was a very big step for us. Doing so allowed us to double the size of our facility and increase our operations. We really enjoy it out here in Nisku.”

Cooper adds, “Since we consider the team and drivers to be family, we really wanted to promote that family atmosphere in the new facility. That is why our office looks like a house. It was designed that way on purpose. The inside is warm and comforting. In Nisku, where most of the metal buildings are industrial, our office really stands out.”

But it is not just facilities and trucks where Action takes action. This is a company that moves with the times. In fact, they prefer to be ahead of the curve, which is why Action Transportation Group went fully digital and paperless in 2019. The timing couldn’t have been better.

“We invested heavily in technology by developing, in conjunction with a software designer, a proprietary program to streamline our operations and maximize efficiencies,” explains Mayorchak. “We just got that off the ground when 2020 rolled around. We were thankful for our timing because by digitizing we could work remotely when required. We were able to not only survive COVID, but thrive. It did not affect our business operations.”

However, they like to laugh at another change where the timing didn’t seem as inspired.

“It was 2020 when we partnered with AIR MILES®,” they grin. “To be fair, it was in the works before COVID, but it seems very funny in hindsight.”

Since the AIR MILES® Reward Program involves more rewards than travel and flights, the partnership was very beneficial, providing a lot of value to clients during COVID – and beyond.

There have been many milestones over the years but one that is very memorable for the couple was when Action was entrusted to transport a human heart.

Mayorchak says, “That was something very different from what we normally do and really spoke to the level of trust placed in our brand. If something goes wrong, it’s not like you can just go and pick up another heart. This took fast but detailed planning around timing, temperature and everything in between. But now we get to tell people we can literally haul anything!”

That “anything” includes a lot of materials for the oilsands and major constructing projects in the city. Action Transportation Group is proud to have contributed to projects such as ICE District, the growing LRT lines, Brewery District and Rogers Place.

Today, Action Transportation Group runs more fleet of more than 150 vehicles, from small delivery vans to tractor trailers, and is one of the largest same-day industrial couriers in Western Canada.

“We owe this success in a very large part to our team, most of whom are long-term employees with more than 10 years of service at Action,” say Mayorchak and Cooper. “The team, alongside proactive use of technology, a positive work/family environment and maintaining Wills’ original value of personal client interactions sets us apart in what can be a very transient industry.”

As they reflect on 30 years, Mayorchak and Cooper thank “all of our employees – dispatchers, office staff and drivers.” They also thank their many clients for their loyalty and referrals. “Positive client feedback and trust are the most important rewards we can receive.”

They are driving into the future with optimism. Mayorchak concludes, “The plan is to continue to grow and expand with a focus on servicing our new clients with the same attention to detail that our current clients rely on. We will continue to invest in automation and integrating our ordering and dispatch systems with our client’s operations. We will be diversifying our trucking operations and seeking opportunities in other markets.”

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