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“It’s Amazing!”

John Liston

I have always believed that business and team sports have a lot in common. The greatest Canadian coach of all time, Claire Drake used to say, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit.”

As the world economy demands a more diverse supply of technology, energy and expertise, there is a team forming in Edmonton and area made up of some extraordinary leaders in a variety of groups that are driving significant levels of success.

City of Edmonton Manager Andre Corbould has created a culture of “can do.” His team leaders are challenging business leaders to bring them the problem and they will get after it. Be prepared though; as business folks we must deliver on our parts with the same accountability as we ask of them.

The Chamber of Commerce in Edmonton has a new leader in Jeff Sundquist. Mr. Sunquist, an experienced international ambassador, has really activated his team and they have been in the community asking how they can help businesses. The Chambers’ history goes well back to the Board of Trade on the early 1900s and can play a huge role in representing businesses in Edmonton. Sign up for their information, join them and get involved!

Edmonton Global led by Malcom Bruce, promotes the Edmonton Metropolitan region globally and is focused on attracting and retaining business investment and trade right here. They are the first ever regional economic development corporation in the region, working to create local, regional, provincial, national and global partnerships. Edmonton Global collaborates with all levels of government and economic development agencies including 14 municipalities, Invest Alberta, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association, the Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton Health City, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute and Invest in Canada. The leaders of all these groups are integral to the success of the Edmonton region.

Explore Edmonton, under the leadership of Traci Bednard, helps tell Edmonton’s story, elevate the Edmonton experience and drive visitation year-round. They manage the Edmonton Convention Centre and the Edmonton EXPO Centre and are vital to our hospitality industry.

Innovation has always been needed, and we have two groups with a laser focus on that. Innovate Edmonton led by Catherine Warren, and Alberta Innovates led by Laura Kilcrease, focus on both innovating within our current industries like agriculture and agtech, as well as developing and encouraging emerging fields of work. A great success story is, the investment made 20 years ago into machine learning research has produced world class expertise in Edmonton at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute lead by Cam Linke.

A key voice for business with all these groups is Alberta Enterprise Group. A provincially focused group that began in 2007 with Cal Nichols and other business leaders, our role is to advocate for your business to government and the organizations mentioned above. AEG has just appointed a new leader, Catherine Brownlee as President.

Edmonton is at a tipping point of success. The foundation has been built by you, the business leaders creating jobs and paying taxes to drive the engine of growth. Now let’s make sure we use all of the resources available to maximize the potential of this great city.

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit.”