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Stantec Takes Home Sustainability Accolades


Earlier this year Stantec was delighted to be named one of Corporate Knights’ 2020 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World. The rankings were announced during the World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland. Ranking 57th overall for 2019, Stantec has also been named one of Canada’s Best 50 Corporate Citizens by Corporate Knights – on seven occasions.

This accolade specifically acknowledges companies that utilize responsible business practices based on specific indicators knows as ESGs (environmental, social and governance) indicators. Only the top 1 per cent of companies in the world are represented in the Global 100. It is quite the acknowledgement.

“We’re honored to be named to the Global 100 this year, and I hope that everyone who is part of this organization is as proud as I am,” says Emree Siaroff, Stantec’s senior vice president & chief human resources officer and a member of the organization’s executive ESG committee. “At Stantec, we’re driven to make communities better, and this ranking illustrates our commitment to sustainability. We’re an organization where the best and brightest combine their skills and expertise to make a lasting impact on our world. This is another reason why we are simply a great place to work.”

Corporate Knights ranks companies based on key performance indicators covering everything from resource conservation and employee management to financial management, clean revenue and supplier performance. Ranking is based on publicly disclosed data. To determine the ranking, 7,395 companies were analyzed against global industry peers. This massive pool of competitors had some stiff competition for Stantec, but the Edmonton-headquartered Stantec still beat out almost all of those companies, solidifying themselves as leaders in sustainable practices.

“Sustainability is core to Stantec, from the impact of our operations, to our philanthropy, to the services we provide to clients,” says Carrie Sabin, principal, director, environment & sustainability program at Stantec. “We are proud of our long history of being listed on Canada’s Best 50 and are thrilled to now be recognized on the Global 100. This recognizes Stantec’s strategy to address climate change impacts, our progress on gender equality, our investment in innovation, and our commitment to health and safety.”

Stantec’s sustainability performance is publicly available for review in their Corporate Sustainability Report, which was published on May 8, 2019. You can find the report on their website where you can also read all about their strategic objectives and how sustainability is key in every aspect of their corporation.

Stantec’s business objective is to remain a top tier global design and delivery firm. Local strength, knowledge, and relationships, paired with world-class expertise are all part of the formula that lets Stantec meet clients’ needs in creative, personalized ways. Striving to maintain long-term commitments to the people and places they serve, Stantec connects to projects personally and advances the quality of life in communities across the globe. With a focus on continued growth, they are increasing shareholder value and giving employees opportunities to work with the best clients, on the best projects, all while delivering exceptional service.

For more information, or to review Stantec’s corporate sustainability report, visit www.stantec.com.