Home Month and Year June 2020 Affinity Flooring Launches a Do It Yourself Initiative to Support Local Charities

Affinity Flooring Launches a Do It Yourself Initiative to Support Local Charities

Photo Courtesy of Affinity Flooring.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began to alter the way businesses and the community operated, Affinity Flooring saw an opportunity to seize the moment and give back.

With the community and families in mind, Affinity Flooring came up with a way to keep people occupied as well as give back to those in need around us. Affinity Flooring has officially launched a new DIY Flooring initiative. This service will allow the customer to shop online, order over the phone, and have the product delivered to them. When you choose to shop for the DIY flooring with Affinity, for every square foot purchased, 30 cents will be donated to one of three charities of your choosing. The three charities Affinity has partnered with is The Mustard Seed, The Salvation Army, and The Edmonton Food Bank.

Affinity Flooring is wanting to contribute as much as they can during this time. The donation amount is entirely dependant on how many people purchase the flooring.

The four-step system Affinity has created makes installing your new flooring easy. Simply start by calculating how much flooring you will require in square footage. The next step is to browse the many flooring options available. Once you are happy with your selection, give one of our flooring specialists a call to order your product. The product will be ordered as soon as possible and delivered right to your door. During the installation, customers are welcome to call our technical support and/or watch the DIY instructional video on YouTube, which has many helpful tips.

Affinity’s core beliefs and the structure of the company relies on quality, value, integrity and trust. These four words shape the Affinity identity and everyone within it. Their mission is to build relationships you can stand on. The company views this initiative as a wonderful opportunity to strengthen relations in the community and make a real difference.

A Message from the CEO:

We are all affected by this unprecedented time – throughout these difficult times it’s my hope that you, your family and those close to your heart are safe and in good health. Now more than ever, it’s critical we take proper steps to ensure we are prepared far beyond our social norms.

Currently we are focusing our efforts to help those who need it most. It’s been said that we as people create our own realities; Affinity wants to be a part of the change you want to see in the world.

“I cannot do all the good the world needs. But the world needs all the good I can do.” – Jana Stanfield.

As the world focuses on resuming more normalized lifestyles and schedules, Affinity wants to ensure they are still focused on the community around us. In order to continue supporting our local charities and/or helping you achieve your flooring needs; the DIY initiative will continue to be available after social distancing restrictions are lifted.