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Servus Credit Union Launches a Digital Account Opening Product with thirdstream

Keith Ginter, thirdstream’s CEO.

Clients of Servus Credit Union can now enjoy enhanced account opening capabilities thanks to a successful deployment of technology and solutions from thirdstream, a company that supports financial institutions with digital innovations.

Called Retail Online Account Opening by thirdstream, Servus Credit Union account openings are now backed by thirdstream’s Identity Verification Platform. This enables clients to open or set up accounts remotely from any device, from any location, and during any time of day. The process is secure, which is a concern in this age of rampant identity and data theft.

“Our goal is to continually provide advanced solutions to better serve our members and meet the expectations for added options for potential Servus Credit Union members,” said Cory Brunsel, vice president of digital services. “thirdstream has given us the confidence to move into a space we know consumers expect us to be, and that will provide great value to our members.”

“Servus and thirdstream are mapping out plans to adopt the company’s in-branch and commercial account opening solutions in the coming months. “As our strategy evolves, we need fintech depth to support our initiatives,” Brunsel continued. “Partnering with an Alberta-based company with roots in credit unions, banks and trust companies was important to us. thirdstream has provided both depth with fintech and a solid understanding of our business and what it needs.”

“We are especially proud of our deep roots in Alberta where we serve a number of leading financial institutions,” said Keith Ginter, thirdstream’s CEO. “The opportunity to take a leadership role with Servus has created a very fruitful partnership. We bring contemporary solutions, backed by a dynamic product management approach. Our solutions are designed to give consumers the online and on-location experiences they expect, and give financial institutions the robust tools they need to continually improve the customer experience while holding down administrative overhead.”

Additional thirdstream-based solutions are forthcoming, including automating traditionally paper-based processes and a new range of funding options, including real-time integration with the Ovation core banking system. The goal is to elevate the client experience while improving internal processes.

Servus Credit Union is committed to building a better world and has been engaged with Alberta customers for 80 years. The financial institution is proud of its lineup of secure financial services and products and has evolved to help members manage their money from any location thanks to 100 branches in 59 communities, as well as online, mobile and phone banking, and no-fee ATMs.

“We re-invest our profits in our members and the communities we serve,” cites the bank.

thirdstream is headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, and is a leading provider of in-branch and online onboarding and lending solutions for consumers and business transactions. thirdstream is happy to serve over 30 Canadian financial institutions and represent more than $330 billion in assets. The agile company is continually evolving its product line.

Learn more about Servus Credit Union at www.servus.ca/life, and thirdstream at www.thirdstream.ca.