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DynaLIFE and AltaML’s Partner to Further the Presence of AI and ML in Healthcare


A partnership between DynaLIFE and AltaML will increase the prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in pathology thanks to applications within diagnostics for colon polyp identification and analysis.

“The pathology lab is the foundation of healthcare in understanding and diagnosing diseases, but its methodologies have largely remained unchanged for the last 150 years,” says Jason Pincock, CEO of DynaLIFE. “At DynaLIFE, our focus has always been providing leading-edge patient care by ensuring our people and facilities are world-class in our knowledge, lab equipment and infrastructure. Partnering with AltaML where it allows both organizations to learn, grow and adapt together is crucial as we recognize that technology and the transformative power of digitization in the health and life sciences sector is ever increasing at a rapid rate.”

AltaML’s CEO Cory Janssen said, “We are thrilled to be part of the project at the ground-level. In order to apply AI to any sector, we have to have a clear understanding of the problem. Working directly with the physicians and the other partners on this project means that we can develop a better and more robust solution.”

Recently launched in January 2018 in Edmonton, AltaML’s growing portfolio is bringing ML and software solutions to a variety of industries.

“We help organizations leverage their data to uncover powerful insights,” noted Janssen. “Our initial work with DynaLIFE focuses on augmenting pathologists and making better decisions. ML is about reducing the cost and time to make predictions, allowing the pathologists to focus on more critical tasks.”

For DynaLIFE, AltaML will develop ML algorithms to compile data sets and uncover predictions and patterns to solve questions that physicians are asking of patients. The method aims to increase efficiencies and lessen the load of pathologists.

“With machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, we can significantly improve on the existing process, enhance accuracy and speed diagnosis,” added Pincock. “Not only will we have a reliable predictive tool at our fingertips, we will have access to enhanced digital storage as well as better information sharing capacity and retrieval within our networks.”

From its headquarters in Edmonton, DynaLIFE Medical Labs offers a complete range of diagnostic testing services. DynaLIFE has nearly 1,000 employees working from 30+ sites, that include hospital labs, patient care centres and a central facility. More than 2,000 physicians and 1 million patients are helped by DynaLIFE’s 175+ million tests annually (18 million of which are performed here in Edmonton).

Learn more about AltaML at www.altaml.com and DynaLIFE at www.dynalife.ca.