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Virtual Reality Opens Up Shaw Conference Centre’s Accessibility

Virtual technology kits developed locally for Shaw Conference Center gives the world a much closer look at the venue.

The Shaw Conference Centre (SCC) is owned by the City of Edmonton and managed by Edmonton Economic Development. More than 650 events, attracting half a million guests, take place at SCC each year. SCC events generate more than $40 million in annual spending across the province.

Previously, event planners traveled to SCC to see what the venue had to offer and tour the rooms. Now, planners across the world can experience SCC without stepping foot inside the venue – thanks to Full Circle Visuals’ fully immersive 360◦ virtual reality tour.

Full Circle Visuals is a local company that produces high-end 360◦ video and virtual reality experiences for businesses and media organizations. The company was founded by Ryan Jackson, an innovator and pioneer in 360◦ video technology and one of the most awarded multimedia photojournalists in Canada. Full Circle Visuals is also a Startup Edmonton launch party featured company.

With the virtual tour, guests, event planners, or anyone that would like to experience SCC and its view of the River Valley can simply don custom-branded Google Cardboard glasses, access the SCC app, and “step” inside the venue.

“The tour allows planners from anywhere in the world to see what the venue’s event spaces look like from a variety of vantage points and setups, including banquets, meetings, and weddings. Additionally, planners who are visiting the convention centre will be able stand in an empty hall and experience the space as if an event were occurring,” SCC promoted in a media statement. The glasses will be provided to regional, national, and international meeting and event planners by SCC and Edmonton Tourism.

“We are thrilled to be leading the way and to be one of the first convention centres in North America to fully leverage this technology,” says Richard Wong, general manager, SCC. “The 360◦ experience enhances the ability of our sales team to showcase Edmonton as a meetings and conventions destination.”

“This is a great practical use of VR technology,” says Ryan Jackson, president and creative director of Full Circle Visuals. “We hope to save event planners time by allowing them to virtually look around and see what the SCC actually looks like instead of viewing traditional still images and floor plans.”

The new virtual reality experience is expected to positively increase the use of, and engagement with, SCC. The Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, SCC, Urban Economy (Startup Edmonton) and Edmonton Tourism will continue to work together on initiatives that generate economic impact and increase awareness of what the city of Edmonton has to offer.

The tour is accessible through the Shaw Conference Centre App in the Apple and Google Play store. An immersive and interactive web tour is also available at https://bit.ly/2HfPJLx.

Learn more about SCC at shawconferencecentre.com, Full Circle Visuals at fullcirclevisuals.com, Edmonton Economic Development at eedc.ca, and Startup Edmonton at www.startupedmonton.com.