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Local Professionals Can Give You That Luxe Life


Photo source: miraculous maids

The pandemic had many undesirable aspects, but it did collectively open our eyes to some positives. With travel as the new taboo and local attractions shuttered, we all simply… stayed home. By staying home, we cast a much more critical eye on our surroundings and in short order homeowners were buying bidets, perfecting patios, renovating kitchens, putting in playrooms, going for those home pools and so much more. Well, the pandemic is over and we are collectedly sitting around in some pretty nice houses and yards. Now what?

It’s time to take advantage of the home base! That’s what! And Edmonton has some very cool professional services to help you make that happen.

Have you ever hosted a dinner at home but didn’t want to deal with the prep and cleanup? Or, do you look at your new appliances and wish you were maximizing their use? Your Kitchen Catering is here with custom menus, cooking lessons and solutions for home-based events.

“The vision and concept of Your Kitchen Catering came to be at the beginning of 2017 out of a passion and love for cooking and entertaining. We wanted to offer not just a catering service but a personal and unique culinary experience with custom menus with home-cooked, restaurant caliber food prepared fresh on-site,” says co-founder and owner Melanie Kendus.

“My husband and I felt there was a need for a business that brings this type of catering to people in the comfort of their own homes for parties, cooking lessons, small gatherings and events.”

From set-up to clean-up, Your Kitchen Catering works with each client to create a personal, flexible, unique menu that fits the occasion, budget, tastes and guests’ dietary needs.

She continues, “Hosting any occasion at home can be very stressful, time consuming and is a lot of work, which can take away from the enjoyment of why you’re getting together with friends and family in the first place. Sometimes it’s difficult to give up that control but we so often hear from the host at the end of the event, ‘It was so wonderful to be with my guests, relaxed and not feel like I missed out on anything or be completely exhausted.’”

Having a private food service on hand for in-home events is wonderful but thanks to their cooking classes, you can enjoy restaurant-style meals all year long.

“We enjoy sharing our love of cooking and things we’ve learned through our travels, culinary experiences and ongoing self-education by offering fun private and group cooking lessons,” smiles Kendus. “Whether its handmade filled pasta, sausage making, a Thai curry dish or another cuisine you want to try your hand at, our customized cooking lessons can be completely hands-on or by interactive demonstration.”

She adds, “We all have busy lives and cooking can become just another chore in our day-to-day. We want to make it fun again!”

Learning to love your own kitchen is easy when the tasty meals are coming out of it but what about the rest of your house? When it feels like only a miracle will get the house clean so you can just come home and relax in it, one call gets you the sweet proverbial sounds of the angel choir… heralding the arrival of Miraculous Maids.

“Miraculous Maids, part of the Mosaic Family of Companies, is a premium cleaning service catering to residential and multi-family commercial clients. Our company stands out by implementing a rigorous hiring process and a comprehensive training structure for our team members. We firmly believe in the importance of execution and client satisfaction, which is reflected in our approach to service delivery. Our commitment to providing a high level of service, coupled with a personalised and professional touch, has enabled us to establish a strong and reputable brand in the industry,” says Melissa Yammine, brand manager for Miraculous Maids.

She knows how important it is to be able to enjoy our home spaces and how distracting and stressful it can be when those spaces are untidy.

“As adults, we often find ourselves burdened with routine tasks that demand our time, physical effort and mental coordination. It can be challenging to carve out the time and energy needed to maintain a clean and organised living space. That’s where Miraculous Maids steps in,” she says. “By taking on the responsibility of cleaning, we free you from the burden of these tasks.”

The biggest value? Reclaimed time that can be spent on activities that bring joy and relaxation, or even time to write that book, further education, enjoy a side hustle or put those cooking lessons you just took to good use.

However, “Our services extend beyond simply saving time,” Yammine adds. “A clean and organised home contributes to an enhanced sense of comfort and tranquillity. In addition to serving as a personal convenience, our services also make for a thoughtful gift for the busy individuals in your life. Imagine the joy of coming home to a spotless house or walking into an impeccably cleaned office space. Miraculous Maids is here to turn that dream into reality!”

Say “private home cleaner” to some homeowners, however, and you will be met with a wall of questions. Yammine is happy to put misconceptions to rest.

“One myth is that homeowners need to provide their own cleaning products or equipment. At Miraculous Maids, we bring all the necessary supplies and equipment for a professional cleaning experience. Another misconception relates to pets in the home. Some clients believe they need to remove their pets during the cleaning process. However, if the pets are friendly and not disruptive to our cleaning, there is no need for them to be relocated. We are comfortable working around pets and ensuring their safety. Lastly, some homeowners wonder if they need to be absent from the house during the cleaning. We want to clarify that it is entirely up to the homeowners. Our professional team can clean while the homeowners are present or not, depending on their preference.”

There are options, too, depending on the need. Yammine explains, “We cater to those who desire deep cleaning services to revitalise their living environment, whether it’s a one-time deep clean or regular recurring cleaning to maintain a spotless home.”

A private chef and cleaners are just two of the professional services you can engage to live a little more luxuriously at home. Why not hire an interior decorator to truly make your home office your own? Have a pool company on a schedule to handle your pool or spa’s maintenance? Lawn companies can keep your yard in tip top shape. Artists and comedians can draw caricatures or make your guests laugh at your next barbeque.

By design (and yes, also by regulation) we all spend quality time rediscovering and fixing up our homes. Now that people are allowed back in, spend that time wisely by using the services that help you and your guests enjoy it to the fullest.