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Business in Edmonton 2017 Leaders


Business in Edmonton is pleased to celebrate five years of celebrating Edmonton’s top Leaders. These are the men and woman that have created successful companies while showing integrity and initiative in everything they do, giving back to the community and grooming the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The judging the 2017 Leaders competition are: Dustin Sundby, managing partner – Edmonton region, MNP; Dale Beaudry, managing director, high growth market – North, business and agriculture, ATB; and

Elsie Elford, dean, School of Business, MacEwan University.

“A great business leader is one who has passion, curiosity, focuses on what is essential, recruits/trains/empowers and surrounds themselves with a great team,” says Sundby.

Beaudry agrees, “A great business leader brings out the very best in others, assisting their team(s) in achieving outstanding results. The individual is a strong connector, translator and collaborator, and is agile. Great leaders are able to set a vivid and compelling vision, and to set clear expectations. They lead continuous learning to accelerate growth and agility. They notice others and celebrate successes with their teams.”

“From my experience,” adds Elford,” the really great business leaders are those that make a positive impact in the community.  They understand that there is a higher mission than the profit motive.  They are committed to ethical business practices and to making the community a better place.  I reference the words of Dr. J.W. Grant MacEwan – ‘leaving the vineyard better than they found it’.”

The judges agree that the Capital City is a great place for business.

“Edmonton is positioned very favourably,” notes Sundby. “It is one of the largest cities in Canada, which provides the required infrastructure for entrepreneurs. It is also the gateway to the North, which presents a unique opportunity.”

Beaudry concurs that, “Edmonton is an outstanding market. It gives the people the ability to fulfill their dreams and grow their business beyond their expectations.”

“A young and vibrant population and an incredible spirit of innovation,” is what Elford is pleased to see in Edmonton. “Post-secondary institutions are part of this entrepreneurial spirit through the recent development of innovation/entrepreneurship hubs on campuses throughout the city.”

The three judges thank all the Leaders for making Edmonton a better business community.

“Operating a business is not easy,” smiles Sundby. “Thank you for taking the risks associated with that. Your success has created a better community and provided opportunities for so many people living in the Capital Region.”

“I was honoured to have the privilege of reviewing and learning more about the business leaders within the Edmonton market place,” praises Beaudry. “I was in awe of how these leaders not only give back to their industries, but to the community as well through sponsorship, donation of time and manpower.  It is also interesting see their determination and pure grit to succeed at what they set out to accomplish. Edmonton’s business community is in great hands.”

“Congratulations on contributing to the triple bottom line in our community,” praises Elford. “It never ceases to amaze me to discover the talent and entrepreneurial spirit in this city.  From new business leaders just making their mark in our community to well-established companies that are testing the boundaries of international growth and innovation, you are building an exciting future for the Capital Region!”

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