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Nelson Environmental Remediation and TerraTherm are set to Bring Thermal Remediation to Canada

NER uses a variety of equipment and techniques to clean dirty dirt.

Late last year, American-based TerraTherm Inc. and Spruce Grove’s Nelson Environmental Remediation Ltd. entered a memorandum of understanding (MOU). Together, the two key industry players plan to bring proprietary thermal remediation technology to Canadian markets.

TerraTherm, a subsidiary of Cascade Environmental, develops and implements thermal remediation of organic contaminates in subsurface source zones and in aboveground piles; they also provide advice, design, building and operational services for thermal remediation projects. The company partners with engineering firms, government agencies, corporations and property owners in order to achieve its goal of safe and effective soil remediation. TerraTherm is proud that its projects are conducted in neighbourhood-friendly ways, with minimal noise and dust. The company completes projects safely, on time and on budget.

James Galligan, TerraTherm’s senior vice president of operations, notes, “This new partnership brings innovative solutions to the Canadian remediation market. The success of our continued international expansion is due in large part to the dedication of partners like Nelson. We choose only the most experienced remediation leaders to deliver our world-class proprietary thermal technologies. No other thermal provider offers all mainstream in situ thermal remediation technologies as well as ex situ alternatives in-house.”

Nelson Environmental is a wonderful MOU partner for TerraTherm because the local company is passionate about safe, effective soil remediation.

Nelson is a Canadian pioneer in the field of soil remediation. Brothers Darryl and Warren Nelson founded Nelson in 1992 to diversify their family’s earth-moving company. Referring to themselves as “first generation dirt cleaners,” the brothers say they “Help Mother Nature by cleaning contaminated soil and contributing to a healthier earth,” and that they are “the only company capable of delivering thermal soil remediation under the conditions we operate in.” Those conditions include working on site with soil from 12 different time zones, from the Arctic region to the sunny tropics. If a location has dirty dirt, Nelson can clean it. The motto, “Clean Dirt, No Doubt!” motivates Nelson every day to use the latest, greenest technology to remediate contaminated soil.

Jim Engdahl, Nelson’s recently appointed CEO, says “This is one of the first steps in my new role to diversify Nelson’s remediation technology offerings worldwide.”

With the MOU in place, both companies will progressively help communities around the world have access to fast, reliable, on-site soil remediation. The comprehensive list of thermal technologies from Nelson and TerraTherm includes thermal conduction heating, electrical resistance heating and steam enhanced extraction. Also among the offerings is the exclusive (heated box) HB1110, a technology designed for on-site ex situ treatment of contaminated soil. Once rapidly treated by the HB110, the clean soil can be reused at the same site.

To learn more about TerraTherm, visit www.terratherm.com. To learn more about Nelson Environmental Remediation, visit nerglobal.com. You can also keep up with Nelson’s success stories and innovations on their Facebook page, @NERGlobal. The companies list their projects from around the world at nerglobal.com/projects.