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It’s Time to Kick Into High Gear—The Edmonton Motorshow Is Back


For the past 42 years, car enthusiasts have been lining up for the largest car show in Western Canada, and this month the event is back in action with all the latest manufacturers, classics, exotics, and customs. Do you have your tickets for the Edmonton Motorshow?

Eleasha Naso, executive director of the Edmonton Motor Dealers’ Association and show manager of the Edmonton Motorshow, explains why this is the event you don’t want to miss.

“This is where manufacturers get to show off all the newest vehicles and technically interactive elements; some manufacturers are even planning to have virtual reality technology to engage with clients and visitors.”

Of course, the Motorshow will also host all the latest and greatest models, with more than 650 vehicles on display among other interactive elements, simulators, and more.

“I’m excited to say that the Felino cB7R will be coming to the show for the first time ever,” Naso adds.

The Felino is a Canadian-built super car (the second Canadian super car to be produced) that is designed to resemble as closely as possible the look and feel of a race car, and to be custom built to each driver. The designer, Canadian racing driver Antoine Bessette, designed the car for the track while making it street legal.”

“People here definitely haven’t seen the Felino yet,” Naso notes, adding that “It’s always exciting when we have something on display at the Motorshow that people would not get to see on the streets in Edmonton.”

“The Jeep Gladiator is another one of our 2019 featured vehicles,” Naso continues. “A lot of people are excited to see it, along with the all-new Toyota Supra. People have been waiting years to see what the new Supra was going to look like, and they’ll be able to come see it in person.”

And the hot new vehicles aren’t the only exciting additions to this year’s show.

“One other new feature this year is soap box racing,” Naso points out. “This feature is more geared toward families and children. We want to get the young people excited and hyped up, plus it has an interactive element in that they’ll be able to get in a soap box as well. We’ll have a little track set up that they can race on.”

Along with the new additions, the favourites will be back by popular demand, including the Precious Metal Gala.

“The Precious Metal Gala is the premier to the show,” Naso explains. “It’s the big celebration before we open the doors to the public. It’s also the best way to get a sneak peak of the show—and a great way to network as we have many businesses out on that evening.

“The Gala is where the manufacturers and dealers come to celebrate the show’s opening, so it has a different ambiance than the actual show. Each of the cars is spotlighted, and because the Gala doesn’t have the crowds that public days do, it’s a good opportunity for people to see the vehicles at a more leisurely pace, as well as get a bit more up close and personal with some of the more exclusive ones. Each year there’s a different theme, so if you came last year, 2019 is going to be different, with different entertainment, menus, and all new vehicles on the show floor.”

The basic principle of the Precious Metal Gala doesn’t change, though. It is still a charity event with its proceeds going to high school shop programs and post-secondary scholarships. Last year, $200,000 in scholarships were given out.

“Unrivalled rides will be back this year as well,” says Naso. “We had a new champ last year who will be returning, and nine other vehicles will be competing against him to take his crown away—or maybe he will win again!

“The Electric Garage auction is also back, featuring collector cars from the 50s to current, some rare and some modified, along with other memorabilia, including rock and roll and celebrity pieces. More than 100 vehicles go across the auction block, so it’s a good place to scoop up deal, add to your collection, or just enjoy the entertainment of watching people outbid each other.”

“And the exotics are back,” Naso adds. “Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley. Racing for the Cure will be back as well, bringing in tons of exotics so you can see rare vehicles you don’t get to pull up to everyday on the street.

“The Edmonton Motorshow really is your one stop for anything automotive. If you are in the market for a vehicle, it’s the best way to see all of the new models under one roof. If you aren’t looking for a vehicle, it’s still a fun day for the whole family. The interactive elements, including racing games and virtual reality, are a lot of fun, and children love getting to sit in all of the vehicles. It’s also the show for new vehicles, exotics, aftermarket parts, to see custom builds, and to vote in the competition—at $15 it’s a really good entertainment value.”

She concludes, “Vehicles are such big part of our lives; people don’t always realize how much time we spend in a vehicle or how much we take them for granted, but our lives would be so different without them. The Edmonton Motorshow is a great opportunity to showcase everything that’s out there – the new technologies and the direction things are going, and to see how these technologies are going to impact and change our everyday lives. It’s one thing to read about it all online, but especially with vehicles, the opportunity to come out and experience it up close can’t be replaced.”

The Edmonton Motorshow runs from April 4-7 this year, with the Precious Metal Gala opening the show on April 3. The collector car auction runs Friday through Sunday (it is not open to the public Thursday and is the only feature of the show not included in the Thursday ticket). If you haven’t picked up your ticket yet, don’t miss out! Visit to get your tickets, and follow the Edmonton Motorshow on social media for more behind-the-scenes looks at this year’s show.