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Stantec Collaborates with Local Motors on Olli Project

Photo couretsy of Local Motors.

Stantec, a global design firm headquartered in Edmonton, has teamed up with Local Motors, an American company that designs, builds and sells innovative vehicles. The collaboration centres on both parties’ desire to further the development of motor vehicle automation. Working together, the companies share resources for Local Motors’ Olli connected automated vehicles (CAV) project, a self-driving, cognitive shuttle for transit, city, private and institution use.

Already active in the CAV market, Stantec is currently acting as the program manager for the GoMentum Station in Concord, a 2,000-acre secure vehicle testing facility, and also acting as the lead civil engineer in the Edmonton-based ACTIVE-AURORA, which is the first connected vehicle testbed in Canada. Both companies will investigate opportunities to test Olli, with the purpose of determining the most ideal uses for the vehicle.

“#MeetOlli,” a Stantec press release introduced the project to its readership. “…Olli can operate on-demand via mobile app or on a pre-planned route. The vehicle’s cognitive software allows it to answer riders’ questions about its capabilities, status and why it made a particular decision. The software is intended to make a new experience — riding in a shared, self-driving vehicle — more pleasant for riders.”

“Stantec brings a wealth of understanding and experience in CAV, along with its relationship to the evolving concept of smart cities, including first mile/last mile transit,” said Koorosh Olyai, Stantec senior principal. “The talented designers at Local Motors have demonstrated their international leadership in automated vehicles … this will undoubtedly be an inspiring collaboration.”

“Our emphasis on micro-manufacturing means that Local Motors can incorporate the most advanced automotive technologies into our vehicle designs. These technologies have new and unprecedented opportunities for CAV,” said Hugh Palmer, vice president of product management at Local Motors. “We see Stantec as a tremendous ally in bringing automated transit solutions to market.”

Olli is electronic to reduce emissions in the densely populated urban areas it is targeted to operate in, and it can also act as part of a fleet for larger campuses and municipalities.

Local Motors is all about innovation and challenging current and outdated industry methods. By combining micro-manufacturing with technology, and by inviting the global community of innovators, problem solvers, makers and technologist to the table, the company creates tech-progressive products designed for nurturing humanity.

The Stantec community unites more than 20,000 employees in more than 400 locations across six continents for projects centred on engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management, and project economics. Stantec is involved from each project’s conception and always incorporates the community, creativity and client relationships along the way. Stantec prides itself on connecting with the people, projects and communities they serve on a personal level, and they enjoy building long-term relationships that further the company’s positive ideals.