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NorQuest Students Pledge $1 Million for College Expansion

Jodi Abbott

Those that need NorQuest College the most, the students, are participating in the college’s most ambitions fundraising effort to date. The Students’ Association of NorQuest College (SANQC) recently announced that they will be pledging $1 million to NorQuest’s Maximizing Opportunities campaign.

“These funds will help make the student experience at NorQuest more positive and inclusive. Our expanded space in the new building will allow us to better serve and represent students,” said students’ council representative Gordon Holub. “Our Students’ Association is thrilled to make this investment.”

“This remarkable donation from the Students’ Association is an outstanding commitment to NorQuest students,” said college president and CEO, Dr. Jodi L. Abbott. “It’s a wonderful demonstration of the close and supportive relationship the Students’ Association has with our college. Knowing that students are passionate about NorQuest, and about investing in the future of the college, is a real source of pride for all of us.”

The funds are earmarked for student services and facilities in the new Singhmar Centre for Learning, which will open in NorQuest’s downtown campus later this year. The Singhmar Centre, a 22,500 m², four-storey building, is the college’s first major capital project since 1971.

The SANQC pledge includes a previous donation for the retrofitting of the current student activity facilities on the NorQuest Campus, and part of the pledge will be payable over the next 10 years.

The Maximizing Opportunities campaign wraps up this fall. It began in 2014 with the goal for raising $20 million. To date, the campaign has raised $14.2 million. The fundraiser includes legacy opportunities, one in which noted Edmonton philanthropist Dr. Prem Singhmar and his family, were happy get involved. “My family’s decision to support NorQuest College is rooted in a shared vision – a vision of growth and opportunity for all Albertans,” said Dr. Singhmar of his family’s involvement.

“Maximizing Opportunities… offers you the opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of our students and the communities where they live, work, and raise their families,” notes Dr. Abbott about the legacy openings.

Those interested in contributing to Maximizing Opportunities, and those that would like to participate in the legacy, should contact the College today.

NorQuest College continues to be a transformative education institution in Edmonton. During the 2015-2016 semesters, 15,850 full-time, part-time, distance learning and regional students were served. More than half of NorQuest’s students are born outside of Canada, and 103 different languages are spoken on campus. Post-secondary diploma and certificate programs prepare students for careers in health, community studies and business industries. The College is also well-known for its proactive stance on diversity; international education; and English-language, employment skills, college preparation and academic upgrading programs. NorQuest strives to ensure all graduates have workforce-relevant training, and the college meets this goal by consistent collaboration with business, industry, government, and communities. Calculated in the 2011-2012 academic year, graduates have added more than $421 million in income to the Edmonton region’s economy.