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What C-Suite Players Can do to Help Drive Innovation


Edmonton is at a tipping point – one where out world-class talent and creativity could open new frontiers and define our city’s future. As we look toward every exciting, unpredictable tomorrow, Innovate Edmonton will be there to bring our brightest minds together, ignite the imaginations of our city’s entrepreneurs and support communities that strengthen us.

Do you want to help? Here are some ways how.


  • Cheryll Watson, Innovate Edmonton, a division of Edmonton Economic Development


Calling all Edmonton’s C-Suite players! Edmonton’s technology and innovation community is set to quickly become one of our city’s next major industries. Startup Edmonton alone assists hundreds of entrepreneurs a year in their startup-phase, and the city is pushing to increase that number as much as possible.


Even if you’re not a technological mastermind, getting involved in Edmonton’s tech sector can be a mutually beneficial relationship for both of you. They have the innovations and understanding of tech, and you have the business know-how to get things done. Getting involved isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first, so here are a few ways you can help promote Edmonton’s next big business venture.


1: Attend Events

One of the best things you can do to become a major player in the tech and innovation industry is attending events around Edmonton. Startup Edmonton hosts more than 285 events each year. Not only will this help boost the morale of companies by showing them that Edmonton’s top executives are interested in what they are doing, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to see first-hand what these organizations are accomplishing. Attending events is also a fantastic way to network and meet some of the most brilliant minds in Edmonton, and you never know when that might come in handy in the future.


2: Share Content and News

Word of mouth is a powerful tool for companies just starting out. Marketing campaigns can be expensive for businesses still trying to get off the ground, but getting their name out there is vital to success. Nowadays, with the internet the way it is, spreading the message is easier than ever — but it’s important for people to interact with what you’re saying. As a C-Suite player, your social network is vast and high quality. On your end, all it takes is a quick share on an article or post from one of these companies, and they’ll be reaching the people they need to.


3: Become a Mentor

Mentorship can be a huge advantage to a small startup company in Edmonton. A lot of the time, these companies are just starting out and their business prowess might not be at its peak. With your years of experience and your knowledge of how the business world works, you are an invaluable asset to a company. Even if you aren’t fluent in technology, what you know about running a business can keep an otherwise strong company from struggling.


4: Invest Locally

Money. It’s one of the things that can make or break a company at the very beginning. Finding start-up capital can often be difficult for small businesses—and that’s where you come in. Chances are, you’re already the investing type, so why not invest in a local company you can watch grow first hand. You’ll benefit when you see the return on your investment, it will allow the business to grow without worrying about where their next paycheque is coming from, and Edmonton’s innovation community as a whole will be thankful. If you do your research and find a company that’s right for you, it’s a win-win situation.


As a major player in Edmonton’s business sector, you have the opportunity to help thrust Edmonton innovation onto the global stage. With the tools at your disposal, and the network of like-minded individuals around you, you are in the perfect position to support Edmonton’s next big industry. Working together with these small companies, you can help the city grow and become the next big name in technology.