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Take Charge of Your Own Health and Wellness

Individuals and health services are stretched to the limit. Be proactive about self care


Physical and mental health have always been important conversations, but with the challenges of the past year and a half, many people are feeling completely unbalanced. Even those not directly touched by COVID or political or economic stress cannot help hearing, seeing, and being affected by the issues raging around them. With provincial resources stretched, don’t shy away from taking charge of your own mental and physical health – and don’t shy away from thinking out-of-the-box on how to support your own wellbeing.

Robin Power RNBN, Certified Advanced Injector, is the owner/founder, of Power’s Medical Aesthetics Inc.

“We are a premier medical aesthetics clinic, located in the heart of Spruce Grove off Highway 16A. We specialize in Botox Cosmetic®, filler injections, and Coolsculpting® body contouring treatments**,” Says Power. She has been an Advanced Injector for 13 years, and one of the top 100 (2 per cent) nurse injectors in Canada. Since 2012, she has led her private practice to be the top provider of cosmetic injectables and body contouring in Spruce Grove and area. Power also works collaboratively with her medical team: Dr. B. Aluko, and Nicole Doblanko, Nurse Practitioner (BScN, MN: FNP). Together they offer a combined 85+ years experience in healthcare and cosmetic medicine.

“I would describe a medical aesthetics clinic as offering primarily medical cosmetic treatments (cosmetic injectables) by highly qualified health care professionals (registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians), whereas a medi-spa commonly refers to skin/hair laser treatments, facials, esthetics (mani/pedi/waxing/lashes, etc), offered by a variety of differently credentialed providers; they may or may not offer medical services such as injectables,” says Power about the differences between the two models.

Both play a vital role in wellbeing.

“Medical aesthetics treatments have always been a form of self-care chosen by the patient for a variety of personal reasons,” Power informs. “Over the past 19 months of COVID and chaos, self-care is one measure a person can take control of. Whether its Botox for frown lines and looking less angry (even if one feels angry!), or Coolsculpting to look/feel better in their sleeveless top, it just ‘feels good’ for those individuals, and that’s good for the soul, and their interpersonal relationships. Treatments are more than just a procedure; they also benefit us psychosocially, and that lends to positive mental health and well-being.

There can be a misunderstanding about why people choose medical aesthetics services. Power is happy to set the record straight.

“Sometimes clients are surprised that Botox and fillers are medical treatments that only licenced healthcare personnel should perform (doctor, nurse) who have extensive knowledge and ongoing training to stay current on best practices. Our patients are often surprised how involved a treatment really is: thorough health history, treatment planning, informed consent and overall safety and experience/qualifications go into our medical treatments. They are always very grateful we take the time and attention in their treatments, towards optimal outcomes and safety, and having their best interests foremost in our minds.

“In my experience as clinic owner and nurse, I have learned that we must continuously educate clientele: cosmetic treatments, who are qualified providers, safety, best practices, and more recently the dangers of do-it-yourselfers on social media related to these medical treatments.”

Power concludes, “When clientele come to us, they usually already have an idea about what they are seeking, be it anti-aging injectables, targeted fat reduction or healthier skin. It is our obligation to further screen as to why and how these treatments will not only anti-age them, but also psychosocially benefit them. We also have to determine that their expectations are realistic, not life problem ‘fixers’—all treatments must be in their best interest.

“In the end, if any of our professional treatments ultimately make a patient feel better about themselves and gives them confidence, or a more positive self image, we support that—because they will put that positivity back out into the world ten-fold…and we all benefit from that.”

Taking care of one’s body is important, and so is taking care of one’s mind.

Dr. Ganz Ferrance leads The Ferrance Group, a team that offers lifechanging therapy through the lens of Positive Psychology. With secure virtual sessions, Dr. Ganz and his team help Albertans work through issues such as stress, communication, broken relationships and grief. He is also the man behind Ask Dr. Ganz, where he uses his Vlog to answer mental health questions from his subscribers at AskDrGanzVIP.com.

“The Positive Psychology framework is all about empowering people to be their best, feel their best, and do their best,” says Dr. Ganz. “Our team focuses on helping people see their own progress and invest in the tools they already have. We can help them no matter where they are in their journey. Our role is not to ‘fix’ them, but to help them be at their best no matter what is going on in their lives. ‘Fixing’ happens organically during the process as they figure out what they need to function in happier, healthier ways.”

He admits, that can be challenging during the pandemic. 

“It’s hard, sometimes, to show people that help is available. COVID has brought about more talk about mental health but there is still, unfortunately, a stigma. It’s important to understand that even in a crisis, help is available and the things challenging you can be turned into assets down the road.”

Dr. Ganz makes no secret that despite being a psychologist, he sees one of his own.

“Any chance I get I tell people that I have been in the field for 30 years, and I have been seeing a psychologist for 30+ years. I know this field from both sides.”

He captured his own personal struggles and the system he uses for success in a book called The Me Factor®. (A digital version is available at AskDrGanz.com.)

“The book is about my own issues with stress, burnout, and relationships,” Dr. Ganz says. “It details and shares the strategies I used in order to cope, and how I stay healthy and balanced now. It was specifically written with men in mind even though the concepts work for everyone.” He goes on to note that most self-help materials are geared towards women. He wanted to provide an alternative that spoke more to men in the way they are more wired to read, learn, accept, and communicate.

He concludes,” Nobody gets through life alone. It is healthy and smart to work with a coach, therapist or psychologist. Many people don’t even realize they have coverage through their work, so check your benefits. Even if you pay out of pocket, you get back a threefold value in life improvement for every dollar you spend.”

Taking care of your health and wellness is important no matter what is going on around you. Doing what it takes to feel good about yourself and engage in self care through a pedicure, facial, massage, or medical aesthetics treatments, and taking charge of your mental health are just some ways you can look after yourself now, and in the long-term.

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