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Stantec Tower Has Topped Off the Commercial Level

Stantec Tower under development in early 2017 CREDIT: Darren Kirby.

Late last year, the top commercial level of Stantec Tower was completed, marking a milestone event for both Stantec and ICE District. This phase of the building took 18 months of planning and 28 hours of continuous pouring.

Once the Tower is complete on all levels, it will stand a soaring 251 metres high and will be the tallest building in Western Canada. Stantec Tower is also the first building of its kind in Edmonton to incorporate an above-ground transfer slab, which stabilizes the building with 1,580,000 pounds of reinforced steel. An additional four 500,000-pound structural steel trusses will support the exterior columns for added stabilization.

“The topping off is a significant milestone for both Stantec and ICE District,” said Gord Johnston, (at the time of his statements incoming) chief executive officer, Stantec. “This pour, at the 30th storey, represents a feat of engineering and architecture that demonstrates the creativity our Stantec employees bring to work in serving our communities every day. Stantec’s roots are firmly planted in Edmonton, and we look forward to moving into our new home next year.”

“This commercial level topping-off is an important milestone that recognizes the extensive work and meticulous planning that has gone into Stantec Tower,” said Glen Scott, president of Katz Group Real Estate. “It is an honour to be a part of a project that will shape the city of Edmonton and be an exemplary contribution to Edmonton’s skyline.”

Stantec Tower is expected to reach completion in 2018. The Tower is a mixed use development with multi-family residences and retail space. Families will reside in SKY Residences, the condo units that sit above the commercial level. SKY Residences, which can be explored at the ICE District presentation centre, will be ready for occupancy in 2019 and will make up the top 36 floors of the Tower.

With the combination of Stantec employees, SKY Residences and high-profile commercial tenants, Stantec Tower is currently 90 per cent leased.

Stantec employs 22,000 people working in over 400 locations on six continents to provide engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, construction services, project management and project economics services. The company oversees projects from their first concept through completion and works hard to benefit the communities in which it operates.

The headline-making ICE District continues to evolve into Canada’s largest entertainment and sport locality. Rogers Place is in use showcasing world-class concerts, along with NHL and WHL hockey and other events. Grand Villa Casino draws residents and tourists in for high-class gaming. Plans for cinema, boutique shopping, dining, festival spaces, and more are planned for the commercial and residential areas of ICE district.

Rogers Place was developed by the Oilers Entertainment Group and the City of Edmonton. ICE District Properties surrounds Rogers Place and Ford Hall, and it is being developed through a joint venture between Katz Group and ONE Properties (formerly WAM Development Group).